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What is James Bond's middle name?

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There is no reliable evidence, or more importantly Ian Fleming never suggests, that James Bond has a middle name.
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How did James Bond's wife die?

James Bond was married at the end of the movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" 1969   Driving down the road leaving their wedding they stop , A car drives by filled with

What is James Bond's favorite champagne?

In the movies, James Bond seems to prefer Bollinger's, a fine champagne. The original vintages were 1975 (A View to a Kill) and the "RD" or La Grande Année (Goldeneye). In an

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What is James Bond's birthday?

James Bond was born on January 4, 1900.

What is James Bond's job?

James Bond is an intelligence agent for her Majesty's Secret Service.

What is James Bond's favorite drink?

Books  In the James Bond novels he drinks a total of 317 drinks. His favourite drink is a straight whiskey (101 total) He has 30 glasses of champagne, and in "You Only Live

Who are James Bond's recurring adversaries?

James Bond only has one or two adversaries that appear in more than one film. James Bond's main recurring adversary is the secret terrorist organisation: SPECTRE who appears i

Who makes James Bond's gadgets?

Swaine Adeney Brigg, the UK manufacturer of luxury leather goods, made (and still make) James Bond's briefcase from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." The original James Bond