What is Java Container Class?

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A class that is used to contain other java objects. They contain methods for adding and removing objects, as well as ways to iterate through them. They tend to differ mostly by how the objects are referenced (by key or no), by how fast their various methods execute, and by how much memory the container uses. Examples include: java.util.Vector java.util.Hashtable java.util.HashSet
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What is a class in java?

A class is the principle method of data encapsulation and structured programming in a program. The class, just like in C++ and many other Object Oriented programming languages

Which component class is also a container in JAVA?

Well, the Container extends Component, so ALL containers in Java are components. This includes classes like Panel, ScrollPane, Window, and JComponent. Plus all the various gen

What is class in java?

class is a blueprint which does not have its own existence but it can pass all of its feature to its child classes.

What is the need to declare a class as public which contains main in java?

The rules of Java state that the top-level main class needs to be declared "public." The idea behind this is probably because if it was not declared "public," then it would ha

In java how the class containing main is executed with out creating an object?

You may know that static methods in Java are executed even before the constructor of that class are called. Similarly, since the main method is static it gets executed firs

Class in java?

Class in Java is a blueprint which is used to create objects in Java. Class contains both methods and variables and that's how it is different with C struct construct. in Java

What is classes in java?

java class is a template for object you are going to create it is blue print by using this we can create a class

Why the container is an abstract class in java?

A container is a generic term for an object that can contain other objects. It is not a type of object you can construct, and so therefore it is abstract. Specific instances o