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What is Jay Sean's girlfriend's name?

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Jay Sean has a girlfriend, but he doesn't want to say anything about her, because she is not in the industry. She's a normal girl. He said that in an interview.
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Whats jay Sean's real name?

Jay Sean's real name is ( KAMALJEET SINGH JOOTI) He names himself Jay Sean because (Jay) as in his last name Jhooti since it starts from a J. (Sean) because his grandma used t

What is jay Sean's real name?

jay sean's real name is...kamaljit singh jhooti Jay sean's real name is Kamaljti Singh Jhooti. His birth was in Toronto Ontario and he grew up in London. Jay Sean is a big s

What is jay cutler's girlfriend's name?

jay cutler of the denver broncos was dating a girl named sloan looney but now he is in love with someone called marifer

How do you pronunce jay Sean's name?

His real name is like this Kamaljit - Kuh-mal. and jit is pronounced Jeet..Kamaljit Singh - just like singh Jhooti - Jhoo-thee Kamaljit Singh Jhooti if it's jay

How do say Jay Sean's name?

you say jay like the letter j or like 'jay-z' you say Sean exactly like 'Sean' paul: "shaun"

What is jay Sean's wife name?

It's just a rumour he's married He denies it but there are speculations that he married Thara Prashad in August and is keeping it out of the media. However if he denies it (Wh