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First discuss what is democracy, are you speaking of American Democracy, give a valid definition of what democracy is, pure democracy? the individuals participation in the social order? If you are alluding to the townhall concept, Jews in the middle ages kept their communities alive by self-government. How often is the townhall system of government used today? Is representative government a democracy. Does Greece get too much credit for inspiring us to democracy or was it just democracy of autocrats?
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How did Ancient Rome contribute to democracy?

The fall of anything democratic came about early in the Roman republic.. However, thanks to their fanaticism and respect toward anything Greek, democratic ideas were spread t

What was the Battle of Waterloo's contribution to democracy?

The 1815 Battle of Waterloo may be seen as making a contribution to  democracy in at least two ways. First, it ended decisively the  imperialistic rule and influence of Napo

How did Peter Lalor contribute to democracy?

Peter Lalor was the leader of the miners' rebellion in Ballarat which came to be known as the Eureka Stockade rebellion. This is considered the birthplace of Australian democr

How did the Greeks contribute to the idea to democracy?

Athens in ancient Greece displayed a very efficient form of democratic organization where people did not elect representatives to vote on their behalf and had the right to vot

How did Islam contribute to democracy?

A:   Democracy developed outside Islamic control and has come slowly and  reluctantly to Muslim-majority countries. With few exceptions,  nominal democracies are either

What was cleisthenes contribution to democracy?

broaded the role of ordinary citizens in governmentset up the Council of 500, members were chosen by lot from among all citizens over the age of 30made the assembly a genuine

What were some of Rome's contributions to democracy?

Very little. The idea of democracy comes from Athens, from the period when Athens was s democracy, which to the Greeks literally meant rule by the people. The Romans did not