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What is Jupiter's distance fromm the Sun in meters?

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Jupiter is, on average, 5.2 AU from the Sun. 1 AU is 150 million kilometers or 150 billion meters. So, Jupiter is 780,000,000,000 meters (780 billion meters).
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What is Jupiter's maximum distance from the sun?

  Aphelion (Farthest point) 816,520,800 km - 507,362,502 miles - 5.458104 AU Perihelion (Closest point) 740,573,600 km - 460,171,100 miles - 4.950429 AU Semi major

Why is Jupiter's distance from the sun important?

It might not be life or death important, but given that we're all curious cats, it is important for following (and by no means is the list exhaustive) it could be "important":

What is Jupiter's distance from the sun in light years?

Jupiter's orbit is elliptical, which means sometimes it is closer to the Sun than at other times. The closest Jupiter gets to the Sun is referred to as Perihelion, and at it