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Korea is a region in East Asia (between China and Japan) that has around 5000 years of recorded history. It's currently divided into North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is one of the most secluded and corrupt states in the world whereas South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world and is part of the world's G-20 major economies.
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What is Korea like today?

In South Korea, Evangelical Christianity has a very strongpresence. Large cities in Korea also have a thriving night life.

What is Korea known for?

The companies from Korea are samsung, LG, Hyndai and etc. They are known for their technology. Also, a very famous Korean dish is kimchi. and, the top group from Korea and a

What is Korea like?

Evangelical Christianity has a strong presence in South Korea.Koreans often eat small plates of many different types of pickledvegetables before a meal.

What is Korea known as?

North Korea is known as The Democratic People's Republic of Korea South Korea is known as The Republic of Korea

What is Korea located?

Korea is a country in Asia that lies North of the East China Sea, NorthEast of China, and West of Japan.

What is Korea now?

Korea is separated into two. North and South Korea. North Koreans are not able to travel different countries or people from different countries are not able to go to North K

What is Korea famous for?

Korea is famous for IT parts. In Korea, you can use the internet everywhere in the street for free with fast speed internet. even you can watch TV with mobile phone on the