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What is the meaning of the name Larissa?

Larissa is both Greek and Russian-derived and means: mythical woman and cheerfulness. The name Larisa (more seldom Larissa, or Laryssa) derives from the Old Greek town name

Who is Larissa Aurora?

Larissa Aurora A.K.A Bootz . Larissa Aurora was a contestant on the reality shows Flavor of Love season 2 and Flavor of Love Charm School. She is infamous for her daring pe

How do you spell Larissa?

The female given name is spelled "Larissa" but has variants including Larisa, Laryssa, Lerissa, and Lorissa.

Who was Aurora?

In the Roman myth she is the dawn (Eos in Greece). In Disney stories she goes by a couple of names. One is Brier Rose, but you will most likely recognize her by her nickname

What is ethnicity?

A term that is used to refer to a wide variety of groups who might  share a language, historical origins, religion, nation state, or  cultural system.

What is an ethnicity?

An ethnicity is an individual's nationality or cultural and traditional background. An ethnic group is a group that identifies on ancestral or racial grounds, based around cu

Who is larissa in The Giver?

Larissa is an old woman that Jonas bathed one day at the House of the Old. She does get released toward the middle of the book. Larissa gives Janas a clue as to what the real

Were does Larissa Latynina live?

She is a citizen of Russia, and lives in her estate near the town Semenovskoye, Moscow region. (Wikipedia) For the source and more detailed information concerning your re

What rhymes with Larissa?

abscissa artificer canvasser focuser grimacer harasser harnesser hisser mantissa menacer (on the) kisser piercer prefacer promiser purchaser solacer su