What is Libya?

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Libya is a country bordered by Egypt and Sudan to the East, the Mediterranean
Sea to the North, Algeria and Tunisia to the West, and Chad and Niger to the South.
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Where is Libya?

Answer . North Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea. Bordered by Egypt and Sudan to the East, Algeria and Tunisia to the West, and Chad and Niger to the South.

Why was Libya colonized?

because it was in the middle of africa so whoever colonized it could get around more easily and try 2 ccolonize the other countries around it

How do you get to Libya?

You can get to Libya from the following airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester. There are also some airlines inn other airports that take you there to. . (1) - You can

What is Libya famous for?

Libya is famous for the civil war that occured in 2011. It started in 2011 and ended in 2011, with only 9 months difference.

Why is libya called libya?

The name is derived from the name of the tribe that historically lived in the region, the "Libo" tribe.

What is libya longitude?

Libya sits between 25° 00' North latitude and 17° 00' East longitude - in other words Libya is located between Tunisia and Egypt in North Africa. Along the coast this

Was Libya always called Libya?

Libya is a colonial name devised by the Italians when they occupied Libya. Before colonial rule, Libya was divided into three Islamic emirate kingdoms. After defeating the
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What did they do with Libya?

Libya is currently in a state of potential change, as many of its people are rising up against the government. U.S., France and England geared for Libya War. According to C