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It is a state within the United States of America.
The 18th state of the union, which resembles the shapes of a boot. It originally was purchased in 1803 from France as part of a large land acquisition called the Louisiana Purchase. The territory doubled the size of the United States and the study of the new land prompted the Journey of Discovery by Lewis and Clark in 1804-06.
Today, the Southern state's French culture is still evident -- from its legal system to blend of food that incorporates other cultures. It's largest city is New Orleans on the Gulf of Mexico.
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What is Louisiana known for?

Mardi Gras . Cajuns . Creoles . Pelicans . Bayous . Hurricane Katrina . Huey Long . Dirty Rice . Jambalaya . Crawfish pie . Filet gumbo . Battle of New Orleans

What is Louisiana state stone?

The official state mineral of Louisiana is agate; the state does not have an official state rock or state gem.

What is Louisiana national holiday?

Louisiana being part of the United States, the national holiday is July 4, Independence Day. As to the big civil holiday in Louisiana, there isn't one at present. At one tim

What is Louisiana elevation?

Louisiana's highest elevation point is Driskill Mountain at 535 feet (163 meters) above sea level. The lowest elevation point is New Orleans and is 8 feet (2.5 meters) below
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What is Louisiana lifestyle?

lousiana lifestyle is different for all people that live ther different things they do and do you have a time to consintrate on?Well if you dont know get of you BUTT and look