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What is MPS in antacid like Gelusil -MPS?

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Did you always intend to be an author, or was your participation in National Novel Writing Month more for the fun (and accomplishment) of it?

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What are British mp?

An MP is a member of Parliament who has been elected in local elections in his /her constituency to represent said constituency in the House of Commons and be the voice of gov (MORE)

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Where do MPs vote?

They quite literally vote with their feet. The Speaker announces the question to vote on, at which point all the MPs leave the room. Those who agree go into the "Aye" chamber, (MORE)

Finding Relief From Heartburn

Tips for finding relief from heartburn through lifestyle changes and natural remedies. (MORE)

Is It A Heart Attack Or Just Heart Burn?

Is the sharp, burning sensation in your chest caused by the pizza you just ate, or a sign of something more serious? Heart attack symptoms can be difficult to diagnose, especi (MORE)


Heartburn affects 10-20% of the population and at least 10% are on chronic medications. We will discuss what is heartburn and what are some of the remedies. (MORE)

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This is so dirty... and with the playoffs on the line!It seemed like it was in the bag for the Bengals. After coming back from a 15-0 deficit, they had the lead and time was o (MORE)

What is the difference between heartburn and reflux (GERD)?

Heartburn and reflux (GERD) are two related yet distinct conditions. Understanding the difference is important when communicating with doctors. One is more severe than the oth (MORE)

Popular Home Remedies For Acid Reflux

Home remedies are sought after as a person experiences their first episode of heartburn. We will discuss possible home remedies for heartburn in this article. (MORE)
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In Grammar

An mp or the mp grammar?

An MP    *********************************   mp (as shown in the question) could be the abbreviation for:   Member of Parliment, or Military Police. (Not sure w (MORE)

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What are MPC and MPS?

MPC is the Marginal Propensity to Consume. You can find the MPC by taking the change in consumption divided by the change in disposable income. Likewise, MPS is the Marginal (MORE)