What is MPS in antacid like Gelusil -MPS?

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What are British mp?

An MP is a member of Parliament who has been elected in local elections in his /her constituency to represent said constituency in the House of Commons and be the voice of gov (MORE)

Where do MPs vote?

They quite literally vote with their feet. The Speaker announces the question to vote on, at which point all the MPs leave the room. Those who agree go into the "Aye" chamber, (MORE)

Effectiveness of Natural Remedies vs. Antacids

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When to Take Antacids for Your Heartburn

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Overview of Heartburn

Heartburn is also known as acid indigestion or pyrosis. It is a burning sensation, which is felt in the chest region behind the sternum. Although, its name implies that there (MORE)

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An mp or the mp grammar?

An MP    *********************************   mp (as shown in the question) could be the abbreviation for:   Member of Parliment, or Military Police. (Not sure w (MORE)

What are MPC and MPS?

MPC is the Marginal Propensity to Consume. You can find the MPC by taking the change in consumption divided by the change in disposable income. Likewise, MPS is the Marginal (MORE)
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What are the music score notations like mp for mezzo piano?

There are variations and combinations of the dynamic indications, but they break down into three categories. "F" is short for "forte," loud or strong. "P" is short for "piano, (MORE)