What is MPS in antacid like Gelusil -MPS?

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Is ranitidine an antacid?

Ranitidine is an anti acid, used for people with gastroparesis or stomach ulcer, also used for acid reflux patience. If by antacid you mean the tablets people chew to neutra (MORE)
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What are antacids?

they are a tablet liquid or chewable tablet that people take for relief of pain such as heartburn or indegestion. they neutralise the acid in your stomach.  

Effectiveness of Natural Remedies vs. Antacids

Digestion is a crucial process to your health. If things go wrong in the digestive process, then heartburn or indigestion can result. When these conditions plague you, you mig (MORE)

When to Take Antacids for Your Heartburn

Antacids are widely available both over-the-counter and by prescription. They are very effective in alleviating heartburn. Knowing when to take antacids is an important step i (MORE)

Overview of Heartburn

Heartburn is also known as acid indigestion or pyrosis. It is a burning sensation, which is felt in the chest region behind the sternum. Although, its name implies that there (MORE)

Choosing the Right Medication to Treat Heartburn

When treating heartburn, there are many over-the-counter heartburn medicine options to select from. Understand the pros and cons of each of these medicines so you are better p (MORE)

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What elements is in an antacid?

Most antacids contain oxygen and some sort of metal (calcium, sodium, potassium, aluminum, and magnesium are common). Additionally, most will contain hydrogen (in Mg(OH)2 and (MORE)

Is salt an antacid?

No. Salts are produced in a neutralization reaction, an antacid is an alkali, used for a neutralization reaction. Salts are not antacids but are products of reactions using an (MORE)
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What do antacids do?

Antacids Take the stomach acid and absolve it. And or get rid of it causing your heart burn to go away. Or get better just do not take to much antacids.
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Who invented antacids and when?

About 5000 years ago the ancient civilization called the Sumerians tried to prevent the painful sensation of heartburn and reflex. Since then people have been improving antaci (MORE)