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MSN Installer installed MSN Messenger, which is a very outdated version of the Windows Live Messenger product.
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Can you un-install msn?

  Yes. click on your start menu and go to Control Panel, when in that, go on Add / Remove programs

How do I get MSN?

Here you can Find the Information about MSN Technical Support  or MSN Customer Service Helpline Number 1-877-509-0415 . In the  helpline center that you are confronting issu

What is my msn?

Your msn is your msn email ( or your own one ) That you use to sign into Windows live messenger (msn).

Cannot install msn 8.5?

  Try uninstalling in messenger already on the computer, then install MSN 8.5.   If the problem continues, it is permanent. Install a previos version, or if you want it

How can you chat on MSN without installing anything?

  It's impossible to chat on MSN without installing anything, but you can chat on MSN without actually installing an MSN client.     If you've got a Web browser (mo
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How can one download and install free MSN messenger?

MSN messenger is no longer active. You are directed to Skype instead if you try to locate it through MSN directory. However, all contacts you may have had in MSN messenger i