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You could be asking about the element Mercury or the planet Mercury. The element Mercury is probably most remarkable for being a metal which is liquid at room temperature.
However, I think this is about the planet. The planet's famous feature is called the "Caloris Basin".   The first answer asked a good question regarding the "Mercury" of which you write. I'll assume it is the element mercury.
I agree with the above. Also, it changes in volume quite a bit with changes in its temperature. That makes it a good filling for a thermometer. Now, I think they use alcohol. Silver colored material in a thermometer is mercury; red is alcohol of some type.
Another well-known feature of mercury is that it is heavy compared to other liquids. This is detectable just by holding a container with mercury in it.
I believe that it has a high surface tension; that's why it "balls up" when free to sit on a surface.
Another feature is that it is a toxin found in polluted streams and thus the creatures that live in these streams. It is considered poisonous and absorbable through the skin, I think.
Lastly, it will dissolve gold; keep it off your rings.
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