What is Moldova?

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a) Republic of Moldova: now an independent country, between Prut and Dniester; in the past an Eastern province of Romania, occupied by Russian hordes

b) Moldova: a province in Romania, between the Oriental Carpathians and Prut

c) Moldova is also a river in....Moldova (Romania)
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Where is Moldova?

Moldova is in the southeastern Europe, between Prut and Dniester (Nistru), but also on the left bank of Dniester. It is bordered by Romania and Ukraine. It was formerly a part

How big is Moldova?

Moldova has 33,846 km² / 13.067 sq miles and a population of 4.128.000 people Ranked (by area): 130 (from 193) oh wow... that is so wrong! It is 13 , 067 sq mi!

What is Moldova famous for?

Moldova is famous for old monasteries, middle age fortresses,fights with invaders (Tartars, Turks, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian),fruits, wines, brandy, friendly people, old cult

When was Moldova discovered?

Moldova was not discovered, Moldova is an old province of Romania (I understand Moldova from today Romania plus Republic of Moldova).