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A mom is a person that gave birth to you. Really, you should know that by now.

What is mom in Spanish?

Answer Madre means mother, the familiar term is "Mami," which means the same as our "Mommy."you might wanna add el los or la next time but its mama or madre

What does a mom do?

Most mothers do so many things they cannot all be mentioned, but here are a few: . When a child is very young they calm their child down when they may have nightmares and

What is mom stands for?

It's short for "mommy" which is how Americans typically addresstheir "mummy", which itself shortens to "mum". They all mean"mother".

What is mom and pop store?

A store that isn't run by a large corporation. Generally is quite small and has only a few workers.
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What is MOM middleware?

MOM is a middleware communication mechanism that provides applications with a way to establish a communication dialog using non-real-time (asynchronous) connectionless techniq
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What is mom spelled in numbers?

For some reason mom is spelled 666 in numbers. I don't knowwhy. Maybe its some sort of sign. "No. Want me to say it in Spanish? No." -Teen Wolf
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How do your mom?

Adolf Hitler's mother was an Austrian woman named Klara Hiter.