What is Mozambique's national animal?

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The African elephant
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Why is the bear Russia's national animal?

Russians consider brown bear to be their national animal because they see many ways in which the bear resembles Russia. It is big and powerful, but is often thought of as sleepy (think hibernation), slow and clumsy. It is seen as docile, almost cuddly at times, but when roused it rises to its full t (MORE)

What is south americas national animal?

The continent of South America does not have one specific nationalanimal. However, some countries have their own animals. Argentina'sanimal is the jaguar and Brazil's is the macaw.

National animal of New Zealand?

The National animal of New Zealand is the "kiwi" The Kiwi is a long beaked flightless bird that is only found in New Zealand. You will also find that a lot of New Zealanders are referred to as Kiwi's and this is because of our national bird.

What is the national animal In United Kingdom?

The UK does not have an officially recognised national animal. However, they are de facto the lion and the bulldog. Others that could be included are the fictional unicorn and the wren

What is india national animal?

The tiger is the national animal of India. The tiger is scientifically called Panthera tigris. The national bird of India is the peacock.

What is the national animal of Holland?

lion The official and non-australian national animal of holland has been scientificly proved to be, not the jumbo-jet, not the scimitar horned oryx, and not the unicorn, as publicly displayed. But the lion!

What is the national animal of Britain?

The Barbary lion is the national animal of England. This came aboutbecause "Lion" was the nickname of many of England's medievalwarriors since they had a reputation of extreme bravery.

What is England's national animal?

If you wanted to know the British animal this could be regarded as the Bulldog. Winston Churchill (prime minister during World War 2) compared England to a Bulldog in so far as once it sank its teeth into something it would not let go (or give in). The Royal coat of arms has a lion and a unicorn (MORE)

The national animal of England?

Lion (England) . European Robin. Red Deer. Mute Swan. Red Fox. Unicorn (Scotland) . Bulldog. Red Kite (Wales) . Y Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon) (Wales) .

What nations animal is the jaguar?

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What is the national animal of UK?

The United Kingdom has three national animals. The European robin,the red deer and the mute swan all stand for different things andare recognized as national animals.

What is the national animal of Peru?

The Vicuña Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Camelidae Genus: Vicugna Species: V. vicugna The national animal of Peru is the Vicuña. The Vicunas length of head and body ranges from 1.45-1.60m (about 5 feet), shoulder height from 75-85cm (around 3 feet), w (MORE)

What is the national animal of the UAE?

The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of theUnited Arab Emirates. The Peregrine Falcon is the national bird of theUAE, and is used more extensively in national symbols than theOryx.

Mozambique's History of life?

Historic background: At independence in 1975, Mozambique was one of the world's poorest countries. Socialist mismanagement and a brutal civil war from 1977-92 exacerbated the situation. In 1987, the government embarked on a series of macroeconomic reforms designed to stabilize the economy. These (MORE)

Which animal is the national animal of China?

The Panda. Dragons also represent China, although these are mythical creatures that are not known to have existed in real life.. The Pekingese dog is also a strong Chinese emblem, since it originated in ancient Peking.

Is animal cruelty national or global?

Animal cruelty is definitely global, for example, In southern Asia, monkeys are forced to do tricks so that the owner will make money, or in seaworld in the USA, where killer whales are kept in pools where they can barely swim! Hope I helped.

What is the national animal emblem for Ireland?

There is no official national animal for Ireland. Animals considered by some people would include the Irish Hare, the Red Deer, the now extinct Irish Elk, the Irish Setter and the Irish Wolfhound.

What is nova scotia's national animal?

First off, Nova Scotia is not a nation, so it cannot have anational animal. There is no official recognition of any animal as a Nova Scotiasymbol, but unofficially, it would be the Nova Scotia Duck TollingRetriever.

Which animal is national animal of Pakistan?

Markhor (an Antelope) is the national animal of Pakistan, however Danish Rahi in his book "the Pakish identity" suggests "golden eagle" due to geography, cultural value, design value and references in Dr. Allama Iqbal's poetic writings.

Why was changed the national animal from 1972?

Type your answer here... national animal change from 1972 because before 1972 lion was the national animal and it was not found every where in the world which results in change of it

Which animal is the national animal of maldives?

"Yellow-fin Tuna" is the real national animal. But some people thinks that Goat is the national animal which is false information! Goat WAS the national animal when Maldives was first of being Muslim, they sacrificed a lot of them. But now we don't usually see this animal in Maldives so it was cha (MORE)

What is National Geographic's Animal Jam?

National Geographic's Animal Jam is an awesome, cool, and most of all fun virtual world where kids all over the world play. You can find kids from New Zealand, Japan, Hungary, Russia, Kenya, Spain, Italy, and so much more! Animal Jam is SUCH a fun virtual world, you can't possibly stop! I've been on (MORE)

Whats the USAs national animal?

National USA´s animal as an eagle. People killed them with guns and their population got lower. Luckily hunting eagles is now against the law or they would not be here anymore.

What is the national animal of Macedonia?

The national animal of the whole of Greece including Macedonia onthe northern Greek peninsula is the dolphin, which is associatedwith the Greek god Delphinus.Greece's national bird is the mythicalphoenix; its national flower is the violet, and the national treeis the olive tree The Lion (in Bulgar (MORE)

What animal is Europe27s national animal?

The Marine Wombat. In an effort to raise awareness of the "severely endangered" status of these unique creatures, the UN has decreed that all European nations shall adopt the marine wombat as their national animal.

Does Mozambique's religions affect their behavior?

Religion is a form of worship. Giving devotion to a deity. This devotion also has with it a set form of behaviouable principles whether stated or unstated, some religions having more of these principles than some. Therefore any religion will have an impact on the worshiper whether positive or negati (MORE)

What is the Caribbean's national animal?

Since there is no one Caribbean nation, there is no nationalanimal. Many different countries have unique species on each islandthat may not exist on another. The Caribbean is a very diversearea.