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No Strings Attached fun means that someone does not want a relationship, only casual sexual encounters.
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What are the NSA?

NSA is an abbreviation for National Security Agency. From Wikipedia: "The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is a cryptologic intelligence agency

What is nsa sex?

First Response NSA means " No Strings Attatched" Basically it's just a one night stand, or not even the length of a night. Just a random hookup. A common website for nsa sex

What does NSA mean in personal ads?

  No strings attached--the writer of the ad is looking for a casual sexual relationship without any interest in a dating relationship or commitment.

What does NSA mean on dating ads?

"No Strings Attached"   NSA Abreviation For No strings attacheD used alot in searching for  NSA Dating

What is nsa?

Answer   National Security Agency   *******   In terms of sexuality, NSA refers to "No Strings Attached" and is generally used to indicate casual sex is wanted.

What is the gay term nsa mean?

It's not just gay, nsa is no strings attached. Sex without commitment.

What is nsa stand for?

NSA stands for National Security Agency, which monitors communication systems as a defense precaution.

How much does a NSA employee make?

The NSA posted its starting salaries on their site under the career FAQs. Starting salaries with only a Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience in the subject are as

Do NSA personnel carry firearms?

  It is difficult to see what need a cryptographer, working indoors on an essentially desk-bound duty slot, would have a need to pack the heat! It was rumored that even in