What is National animal of Kazakhstan?

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The Kazakhstan cat (a snow leopard)
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Where is Kazakhstan?

It's in Central Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. It's located south of Russia and north of Uzbekistan, Kyrgistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikstan, and west of China, in central A

What animals are native to Kazakhstan?

Argali . Bactrian Camel . Barbel (fish species) . Beluga sturgeon . Brown Bear . Caracal . Caspian Seal . Caspian Sea Wolf . Caspian Tiger (extinct in Kazakhstan since

What is the national flower of kazakhstan?

The unofficial national flower of Kazakhstan is the lily.Kazakhstan is a country situated in central Asia, which also hasborders with countries like Russia and China. Its capi

What is You are in Kazakhstan?

It depends on which language you are going to use, as there are two official languages, kazakh and Russian. In kazakh it will be "Sen" and in Russian "Ty" .