What is Nevada famous for?

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They are famous for sliver and gold and that's why they are called the sliver state and they are also famous for gambling in las Vegas which is there biggest city and ive been there! :)
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Famous people of Nevada?

There are many famous people who are from Nevada. This includes PatNixon, Matthew Gray Gubler, Andre Agassi, Kyle Busch, JennaJameson, Jena Malone, and Harry Reid.

What food is Nevada famous for?

The Famous Food for Nevada is Beef Jerky and Sourdough Bread. TheFamous Drinks are meat-milk shakes, pepsi, RC Cola, Spinach waterand Alcohol.
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What are the famous sports from Nevada?

Some sports in nevada are mostly college sports because nevada has no major professinal team. UNLV football basketball is fun to watch same with the university of nevada footb