What is Nevada famous for?

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They are famous for sliver and gold and that's why they are called the sliver state and they are also famous for gambling in las Vegas which is there biggest city and ive been there! :)
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Nevada Famous People?

I'm not from Nevada so I don't know of very many people from there that are famous but I do know that a world famous band known as The Killers are from Las Vegas, NV.

How can you be a model in Nevada?

Nevada Modeling and Pageant training . Free modeling and interview training for the Nevada pageant, modeling and appearance opportunities for city titleholders look at www.MissNevadaUS.eshire.net for more information

What is Nevada?

Nevada is a US state in the western US. It became a state on 31 October 1864. The capital is Carson City. It is 110,567 sq mi. The largest city is Las Vegas.

Famous people from Nevada?

Several famous people are from Nevada. Examples include tennisplayer Andre Agassi, basketball player Greg Anthony, fashiondesigner Laura Dahl, baseball player Greg Martinez and rock bandThe Killers.

Who founded Nevada?

Statehood for Nevada was most strongly facilitated by President Abraham Lincoln to add silver riches to the Union during the Civil War. Even before the war, Lincoln had promoted adding Nevada as a free state to strengthen the Union. In a sense, perhaps the Civil War founded the state of Nevada - hen (MORE)

What is the captital of Nevada?

Carson City is the capital city ofNevada. Officially the city name is "Consolidated Municipality ofCarson City." The city is named after the mountain man KitCarson.

What is the area of Nevada?

110,560.67 square miles is the total area of Nevada according to the US Census Bureau web page ( see related links). Land area is 109,825.99 sq. milies. 110,567 square miles Nevada ranks 7th in size among the 50 states. The total area of Nevada is 110,561 sq mi (286,352 sq km), with land comprisi (MORE)

Famous person in Nevada?

There are a variety of famous people from Nevada. Some of thesepeople include Andre Agassi, Spencer Clark, Kristoffer Polaha, andRutina Wesley.

Famous people of Nevada?

There are many famous people who are from Nevada. This includes PatNixon, Matthew Gray Gubler, Andre Agassi, Kyle Busch, JennaJameson, Jena Malone, and Harry Reid.

What cities are in Nevada?

there are a lot of cities in Nevada such as Elko,Gerlach,Austin,Ely,Eureka,Las Vegas,Tonopah,Marietta,Virginia City and the state capital Carson City. prof provied by Google --Devyn Leal Gallego Elementry

When was Nevada founded?

Nevada was officially 'called' a territory in 1861. Nevada entered the Union as a state in Oct. 31, 1864 . It was the 36th state to enter the Union.

Where is Nevada?

Nevada is in the southwestern part of the US. In the western US. Borders Ca, West USA.

How did Nevada get its statehood?

September 2, 1863 the voters of the territory approved of the concept of statehood by the overwhelming margin of 6,660 votes to only 1,502

Name three famous people from Nevada?

Nevada is a state of the United States that is located at theSouthwestern region. It's the seventh state in what refers toextension and is also the 35th most populated. Examples of famouscelebrities that were born in that state are TV actor Mattew GrayGubler and actresses Jessica Biel and Jena Malon (MORE)

What is the religions in Nevada?

Let me see if I can clarify the question a bit; is the question: What are the religions in Nevada? There are many religions in Nevada. In my understanding, Religion is man trying to relate to some god or another, but a relationship which comes through knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, is what (MORE)

What food is Nevada famous for?

The Famous Food for Nevada is Beef Jerky and Sourdough Bread. TheFamous Drinks are meat-milk shakes, pepsi, RC Cola, Spinach waterand Alcohol.

Did anyone famous come to Nevada?

A lot of famous people come to Nevada, just look at all the headliners that work or have worked in Vegas, also a lot of movies and TV shows are filmed in Nevada. Here is a short list of past and present famous people that have come to Nevada: . Frank Sinatra . Elvis Presley . Al Pacino . Jer (MORE)

What is Nevada historically famous for?

The great state of Nevada is historically famous for having become a member of the union during the American Civil War. It is for this very reason that the statement Battle Born is prominently displayed upon a golden yellow scroll above the star, and above the state's name, on their state (MORE)

Who is famous and born in Nevada?

There are many famous people that were born in Nevada. Some ofthese individuals include Harry Reid, Pat Nixon, Matthew GrayGubler, Jena Malone, Andre Agassi, and Kyle Busch.

Is sierra Nevada in Nevada?

The Sierra Nevada snowy mountain rangeis a mountain range in the U.S. states of California and Nevada, between the California Central Valley and the Basin and Range Province. Sierra Nevada means snowy hill. The Nevada state has some land of the Sierra Nevada mountain.

Who named Nevada Nevada?

from the Spanish, first called Sierra Nevada meaning snowy range. Shortened to Nevada in 1861 separation from Utah

Does Nevada have any famous forts?

Las Vegas was established as a fort for Mormon missionaries and was later used by the US Army. Other historic forts included Forts Ruby, Churchill, Mojave, Storey, Halleck, and McDermit. None of the forts in Nevada were especially famous. There are currently large military bases in Nevada that dwarf (MORE)

Where is Wendover Nevada?

West Wendover is in Nevada, Wendover is in Utah. Wendover is approximately 100 miles west of Salt Lake City, on the Utah-Nevada border. The cities are divided by a street.

Is it cold in Nevada?

It can get pretty cold (around -13 Celcius) in the winter time in Reno, but in Las Vegas it doesn't get too cold. Though it can get cold in the summer time too. We've had snow in July and August!

Can you gamble in Nevada?

Gambling in Nevada was once banned, but now the conditions there are changing slowly. Gambling is allowed in Nevada but now some strict rules are applied on the casinos and casino players and they have to follow those rules. The persons who fall into the following categories will be punished. 1 (MORE)

Does Nevada get hurricanes?

No, it is much too far inland. It does not even receive the remnants of hurricanes either from the Pacific of Atlantic.

Who was the founder of Nevada and when?

There really is no founder of Nevada per se. Nevada is a harsh,arid state that was on the route to California and the Pacificcoast by the famous wagon trains of people emigrating to the west. The first settlement in Nevada was Genoa, at the base of the SierraNevada. It was settled by group of Mormo (MORE)

Is Nevada racist?

Nevada is a state within the United States of America, and as such, has no capacity per se to possess or display any human emotion. As one of the United States, there are no laws that govern Nevada that are racist laws.

Where are Nevada brothels?

In Nevada, brothels are only legal in counties with a population of less than 400,000 people. Today, there are brothels in operation in eight (8) of Nevada's sixteen counties. These are Elko , Humboldt , Lander , Lyon , Mineral , Lye , Storey , and White County .

Where in Nevada is Reno and what can I do there?

Reno is in Northern Nevada, almost on the California border. Just like the rest of Nevada, you can drink and gamble there. It is very warm and dry so you might also want to spend some time by a swimming pool.

When was Nevada born in?

Nevada was born in 1864. It is the 36th state. It has three nicknames one is The sagebrush state, the other one is Battle born, the last one is The silver state.

Is area 51 a famous landmark of Nevada?

No, New Mexico. Go to Google Earth, and enter Area 51 in the search box, and you can take a look for yourself. Aliens, UFOs, Elvis and Bigfoot are in the small building on the North side.

What are famous people that were born in Nevada?

FAMOUS NEVADANS. | Print | . The following is a partial list of well-known people who were either born in Nevada or lived here for an extended period. Eva Bertrand Adams , born in Wonder, Nevada in 1908. Ms. Adams was appointed Director of the U.S. Mint by President Kennedy in 1961 and remained (MORE)

Why is Nevada arid?

The coastal Range and the Sierra Nevada Mountains block Pacific moisture from entering Nevada and forming a rain shadow desert.

What are the famous sports from Nevada?

Some sports in nevada are mostly college sports because nevada has no major professinal team. UNLV football basketball is fun to watch same with the university of nevada football and basketball,