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it is a river in Nigeria ( west Africa) it runs through 5 countries, Guinea , Mali , Niger , Benin and Nigeria it is the third longest river in Africa. its source is in guinea highlands.
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Where is the Niger River?

It begins in southeastern Guinea and runs through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and through Nigeria emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at the Niger Delta.

What continent is the Niger river in and what city is it in?

It is in West Africa, and goes through many cities, but mostly in Guinea, Mali and Niger.. It is the 3rd largest river in Africa*

What are some uses of the Niger River?

There are many uses of the Niger River. A couple of uses is thewater for homes along the river and also for agriculture.

What is the length of the river Niger?

The length of the Niger River is 2,587 miles long. The Niger Riveris the third longest river in Africa and is the principle river ofwestern Africa.

What does the Nile and Niger Rivers have in common?

There are numerous ways to compare rivers - by their differences, by their similarities and some of the criteria would be - length, discharge, size, sources, mouth, basin, tributaries, area through which they flow etc.. The links below will give you ample details to cover this..

Where does the Niger River start and end?

it starts from the mountains of guinea and flows down to the gulf of guineathe.

What is the history of the Niger river?

The Niger River flowers for 2,600 miles through Western Africa, taking an unusual boomerang-shaped route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Guinea, although at certain points along the way it goes by other names, such as Joliba and Kwarra. According to the New World Encyclopedia, it was about 1,000 years ago that the Niger River’s capabilities were noticed, as Arab traders used it to transport gold from Ghana, Africa, to eventually make its way to Alexandria, Egypt, and Tripoli, Libya, during the existence of the ancient African kingdom of Mali (1230 to 1600). In terms of Western exploration, it was a Scottish man named Mungo Park who is touted as the first European to travel to the center of the Niger River in 1796. Fun fact: The Niger River is the third-largest river in Africa, after the Congo and the Nile.

What country is the Niger river in?

It is in a few countries! Guinea, Mali, Niger, on the border of Benin and in Nigeria.

What body of water does the Niger river empty into?

The Niger River is located is western Africa and winds throughGuinea, Mali, Niger, Benin, and Nigeria. The Niger River emptiesinto the Atlantic Ocean.

How do people use the Niger river?

Well technically people used the Niger River for trade, sharing ideas, traveling, and companies to other villages.

What was the name of the early kingdom by the Niger River?

The Kingdom of Nri was an early kingdom near the Niger River. Thiswas the state of the Nri-Igbo people of West Africa.

Where the Niger River?

Africa. It begins in southeastern Guinea and runs through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and through Nigeria emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at the Niger Delta.

How wide is the Niger river?

The width of the Niger Rivers but the average width is 800 feet.This river is 2,597 miles in length and located in Africa.

Importance of Niger river?

The African people who live near the Niger River depend on it forsurvival. The Niger River is important for providing fish for thepeople to eat, and sell for income. The Niger River also importantto the transportation of the people and their goods.

What is the country that contains the mouth of the Niger River?

Nigeria - The river discharges through a massive delta known as the Niger Delta of the Oil Rivers and into the Gulf of Guinea. The link below is an interactive map..

What country does the Niger river end in?

Nigeria. The Niger river discharges through a delta, known as the Niger Delta of the Oil Rivers, into the Gulf of Guinea.

How deep is the river Niger?

The Niger River in western Africa is approximately 30 meters (100feet). It is about 2,600 miles (4,200 kilometers) long.

What are the modes of transportation in the Niger River?

The Niger River uses three-fourths of its total length forcommercial shipping. Common modes of transportation are barges andfishing boats.

The Niger River empties into what ocean?

The Niger River empties into the Gulf of Guinea, which is part ofthe Atlantic Ocean. It is the third largest river in Africa.

What are some of the exports of the Niger River area?

The Niger is a good-sized river that runs through several countries in Africa, including Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin and Nigeria. The basic rule of human civilization applies: where there is water, there is agriculture and animal husbandry. Fishing is also a given.. The so-called Niger Inland Delta is broad and flat, which is ideal for rice. Whatever can be grown in a field that is irrigated can be and is grown there. All local produce in the markets along the length of the Niger are stocked from fields moistened with the water from that great river. Links are provided below.

Is the Niger river the biggest river in Africa?

No, the Nile River is the largest river in Africa and the world. William Rogers, Historian

Which direction does the Niger River flow and where is its delta?

It flows from its source in the Guinea Highlands in south-eastern Guinea and runs in a crescent through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging through a massive delta, known as the Niger Delta of the Oil Rivers, into the Gulf of Guinea.

What is the Niger river used for?

The Niger is the closest major source of water to the Sahara desert. And back then it was used for trade routes!🐼

Is Niger named for the Niger river?

Yes, Niger or Nig ér depending on your pronounciation is named after the River Niger

What is the chief mouth of the Africa Niger river?

It discharges into the Gulf of Guinea through a massive delta known as the Niger Delta of the Oil Rivers..

Where is Mckenzie river and Niger river?

The Mckenzie River is about 40 minutes from Eugene and is right along the town of Blue River. the Mckenzie river is a great place to vacation at and offer a lot of things to do from rafting to hiking the glorious mountains around Mckenzie valley. for more info. on activites to do well in Mckenzie river go to McKenzie River.com

What is the Outflow of Niger river?

After looking for quite a long time, it seems the Niger River outflow is the Gulf of Guinea. Hope this helped!(:

What do people do for fun in the river Niger?

they go skinny dipping with the sharks. Thank you for the excellent question, hope this helps.

What animals live by the Niger River?

various species of antelopes and monkeys, live in many parts of the Niger Basin. Others, including buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards, and jackals

Does the Niger River have waterfalls?

The Niger River does not have any waterfalls. The most notable things on the river are some bars, rapids, swampy areas and a dam (in Nigeria) which is used for hydroelectricity.

What is the functions of river Niger?

The mighty Niger River is a source of food, water and drainage for five nations ofWest Africa. For the more than 20 African tribes who rely on it, the Niger is a vital source of life. For hundreds of years the tribes used the river at various points of its course. Yet it wasn't until the Nineteenth Century that the River was traced all the way to it's source.. By the dawn of that century it had been established that the Niger originated somewhere in the Highlands of Guinea, not far from the Atlantic Coast. Explorers managed to follow the course of the river northeast through the lush tropical forests of Guinea to the land of Timbuktu. From here they found that the River wound around vast areas of savanna and the arid sand dunes of the southern Sahara. Geographers of the time speculated as to whether this was a tributary of the Nile or even if it was the Congo River.. After several attempts explorers were, in 1834, able to follow the river all the way to it's outlet to the sea. After following the river for some 4,200 kilometers (2,600 miles) they discovered that the Niger enters the Atlantic Ocean a relatively mere 1,700 kilometers (1,000 miles) from it's source. It was now possible to properly map the route of the River and, subsequently, open it to use by foreign merchants. From this point onwards the Niger began to take on a level of importance far exceeding it's previous limited use.. By 1878 four British companies were operating on the Niger River. Commercial Shipping Vessels were navigated far inland. The river traffic contributed to the development of a timber industry as well as oil palm and rubber plantations in Nigeria. It also allowed for the easy and cheap outlet for other exportable products as well as the importation of various goods. The way of life for the dwellers of the river country was changed forever.. With the increasing demands for cheap transportation today, focus has come on the Niger. Projects are currently underway to improve the navigability of the Niger River system. The provision of adequate river ports and places for the handling of freight are also underway.. During the Rainy Season, heavy rains in the highlands of Guinea feed the Niger. Gradually the waters swell until they flood the flat lands of Mali. These flood waters spread out into connected streams and lagoons, from where they spill out into sodden marshes. It is this that becomes the 'Inland Delta.' This freshwater marshland area covers a 34 by 425 kilometer area, with the upper limit at Timbuktu. In these marshlands rice fields are plentiful. Millet and sorghum are also well represented, being generously watered from the flood waters. Areas beyond the marshlands are irrigated by carrying water in bowls made of skin. Agreements on land and water have made it an impossible to create irrigation canals. The advantage, however, is that the spread of water borne parasites are reduced.. During the flood season fish like the Nile Perch enter the marshlands to spawn. During the period from December to March the waters recede and the fattened are fish are left to flounder in the shallow waters. This makes then an easy catch for fishermen. Along the main course of the Niger, fishing is, of course, also plentiful. The Kainji Dam at New Bussa in Nigeria is an instrumental part of the fishing industry. Though built to provide a constant water supply to the massive Kainji Hydroelectric Plant that provides electricity to Nigeria and the Niger Republic, the Dam has become a major fishing ground.. The Niger River loses itself into the complex delta system in Africa, and supplies life to remote villages and town. An unexpected bonus from the river in these areas has been the supply of oil. It's yield has, in fact, made Nigeria one of the world's top ten producers of petroleum. Apart from this the raffia palm also grows in this region. This provides the locals with valuable material for building houses and for making brooms and mats. The sap from the tree also is used in the making of a local gin.. The Niger then is truly a river of waters of life that feeds and replenishes the harsh lands of West Africa. Like a ribbon winding it's way across the land it enters and nourishes some the most remote areas on this planet. And how grateful it's neighbouring inhabitants can be for that.

How does the Niger River affect the land and people?

It makes the soil rich and so that helps the crops grow. That meansthere is more crops for the people who live there and nobody willgo hungry People from other places will then want to go to theniger river because it is so successful and a good place to live.There will also be more jobs so people will not go jobless and moremoney will be made because they will sell the crops or food thatthey do not need.

Is the Niger river salt water?

Based upon the agricultural uses of the Niger river and the factthat it is home to more than 250 species of freshwater fish andother freshwater dwelling animals like hippopotamus' and otherwildlife it is safe to assume that the river is freshwater ratherthan salt water.

What kind of fish live in the niger river?

There are different types of fish that live in the Niger river.They include Nile Perch, catfish, salmon, minnow, and herrings.

What was the Niger river kingdom?

The Niger River Kingdom is probably the same as the Old Calabar Kingdom located in what is now known as the Niger Delta (the delta of the Niger River in Nigeria).

Which cities are located on the Niger River?

The cities include Bamako (capital of Mali), Gao, Tombouctou (Timbuktu), Oualata (Walata), Niamey (capital of Niger), Lokaja, and Asaba.

What are facts about the Niger River?

the Niger river is 4,180 km. (2,597 mi.) long. it flows through nine countries: Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Algeria. The rest you can get.

What countrys does the river Niger start and end?

From Guinea, the river runs through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging in the Niger Delta into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the inland delta on the Niger river like?

The niger is like a river where people take their crops and go down that river and sell their crops

Is it possiblle to be blind due to a river in Niger?

I'm not sure what this question is asking, but yes. river blindness from ANY river is possible.

What part of Africa has access to the Niger RIVER?

The Sahel is the part that has access to the Niger River . (oobi is not a part in Africa so who ever put that on there is stupid)

Where does river Niger meet with the Atlantic Ocean?

At the Niger Delta on the coast of the country Nigeria, and into the Gulf of Guinea which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

What was the center of education and religion on the Niger river?

Omg Nobody can freakin answer this simple question like really i need help on this >.

Is there any landmarks along river Niger?

The River Niger is in Africa, its source at the Benue, and it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. There are no landmarks on the River Niger, but it is a water source for billions of people.

How did the Niger river encourage trade?

It allowed people to get to places more efficiently, to be able to use boats to carry more stuff, and lessened the walk. Yup! That's the answer.

Why was the niger river important to people of Songhai?

Most all settlements grew up around rivers. The rivers were used for drinking water, to bathe, transportation, and irrigation for crops.

What country does the Niger River not flow through?

Many, I know for sure it does not run through Canada. But I get the feeling this was a multiple choice without the choices.

Which stage those the river Niger flow in?

The Niger River stage . The Niger River has one possible river stage. Some clues to it are: . has many tributaries. is less steeper than a youthful river. So, the Niger River, to my opinion is a mature river. For more information take a look at Holton Science & Technology: Water on Earth. Or you can also visit Sclinks.com for similar information.

Why do people use the Niger river?

The Niger River is mainly used for commercial shipping. About 75% of the river is capable of handling large vessels.

Why are the niger and senegal rivers important?

The Niger and Senegal River is important to Africa because is helpsfarmers, fisherman, and herders transport their goods. It is atransportation route for Africa to reach.