What is Nike?

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Nike is a sports company that supplies athletic wear.they sell them everywhere
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What is nike vision statement?

Nike has a mission statement as compared to a vision statement. Itreads, "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in theworld."

What is Nike Advanced Fit?

They are a little wider. They fit me while the regular Nikes are too narrow. Forget the rest of the hype. "if the shoe fits wear it", if it doesn't you have a non advanced fo

What is Nike nyx?

Nike is not nyx it is a different god the goddess of victory.

What is Nike 6.0?

It's Nike's "Extreme Sports" branch. Skate, Snowboard, BMX etc.

What is Nike foamposite?

Nike Foamposite is a material put into numerous Nike basketball shoes. It is shiny in appearance and very durable.