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Difference between bopp and opp?

The difference is noted there in the name of these two structures. BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene which means it is stretched in both the machine and transverse direction while being manufactured. OPP stands for Oreiented Polypropylene which means it is stretched in only the machin (MORE)

What is the difference between OPP and BOPP?

OPP stands for Oriented Polypropylene film, a thin plasticsheeting. BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polyproplene, a clearer,stronger film used in many types of consumer packaging. It hasconsistent thickness and optical clarity, and offers betterprotection.

If a player blocks from the opp side is it foul?

what do you mean by blocks there is a blocking foul only for defense offinse it would probably be a moveing pick or something if your talking about blocking a shot you can block anyone where ever they are just don't hit him and if you do make shour he doesn't make it

What is an 'OPP bag'?

Quick answer that I found was that it is a bag made of polypropylene. I don't know this from experience just from a single reference online. omg posted from my phone its the future

What does opp mean in gangster terms?

"Other Peoples' Partners" or in more *crude* terms... "Other Peoples' Pussies/Penises" Being "down with OPP" means to be cheating on one's boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband

How to get the new field opp in clubpenguin?

Step One: Log on to a busy server Step Two: Go to the EPF to receive your orders Step Three: Go to the Underground Pool Step Four: Waddle over the the large group of penguin Step Five: Open up your Spy Phone Step Six: Do the field op Step Seven: Get your Elite gear (If you have enough me (MORE)

How do you spell opps?

The interjection is spelled "oops" (mistake or misstep), e.g. "Oops! I dropped it." The slang "ops" is short for "operations" (usually military).

How do you do field-opps in Club Penguin?

Step 1:Go to the EPF room and go to the field ops screen (the yellow one). Step 2:Read your commands and try to find the location (the hint is what Gary is saying). Step 3:Your spy-Phone will ring green indicating that you are at the right place. Step 4:Use your spy-Phone to complete field ops and (MORE)

What means oppeness?

means education.and if your doing a test on a subject i don't know if I'm actually correct but good luck!

What is an alias name given to a variable in opp with c plus plus?

An alias is a reference, an alternate name for a variable or constant. You can assign the address of any variable or constant to a reference of the same type. A reference is a bit like a constant pointer to the type but, unlike a pointer, a reference has no address of its own thus you cannot store r (MORE)

How long do The OPP have to charge a driver after motor vehicle accident?

Depends if they catch you or not; However; they will charge you right after you are caught. So do not follow for their I will ask you questions and based on your answer I may lay charges. Keep your mouth shut and do not say another word unless your lawyer is present and do not agree to sign anything (MORE)

When is black opps 2 coming out?

The will be no Black Ops 2. Treyarch will release an new Call of Duty game as all Call of Duty series are always released in November. The new Treyarch developed game scheduled for release November 2012 has not yet been named. Black Ops 2 is only slang to use until the actual title is released.

Who created black opps?

A corupt company that makes the same exact game every single year. Don't buy it. You are only giving money to the 2nd greediest people on earth. Besides EA. EA is the WORST!

How do you edit options in black opps 1 if you don't have online?

First, you sacrifice a newborn child to the mighty Imhotep. Then, after skinning 23 goats, you shout the changes you wish to make to your options outside your house MAKE SURE THAT AT LEAST 666 people hear you. Start up BO and yor options should be changed, after that, you may notice that the game wi (MORE)

How do you get all six perks in black Opps 2?

In town get tombstone and three other perks of your choice once you have done that leave one zombie then let the zombie attack you. Once down there will be a feed zombie. Get that then let your partner kill the zombie once you have died when you respawn buy tombstone again and the two perks you were (MORE)

How do you get diamond camo in black opps 2?

Diamond Camouflage is only available to players who have mastered every gun in a certain weapon class (Pistol, Special, Launcher, Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Shot Gun). If you want Diamond Camo for a certain gun, you have to master every gun in that class. For ex (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Terry Opp been in?

Terry Opp has: Played Extra in "Grim Prairie Tales: Hit the Trail... to Terror" in 1990. Played Till Death Do Us Part in "The Weed Show: Love Letters to Mary Jane" in 2011. Played Mr.Leroy Adler in "Short Changed" in 2012. Played Psychiatrist in "Method" in 2014. Played Officer Lulworth in "Shadow o (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Giuliano Oppes been in?

Giuliano Oppes has: Performed in "Il maresciallo Rocca" in 1996. Played Matteo Cocoi in "Sos Laribiancos - I dimenticati" in 2001. Played Veriniano in "De Reditu (Il ritorno)" in 2004. Performed in "R.I.S. - Delitti imperfetti" in 2005. Performed in "Sardegna andata e ritorno" in 2008. Played Agente (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Mr. Opp - 1917?

The cast of Mr. Opp - 1917 includes: Jane Bernoudy as Jemima Fenny George Chesebro as Willard Hinton Jack Curtis as John Mathews Neva Gerber as Guinevere Gusty George Hernandez as Jimmy Fallows Arthur Hoyt as Mr. D. Webster Opp Elsie Maison as Miss Kippy