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Oregon is a state, part of the 50 states in the United States of America.

Located on the west coast of the USA between California/Nevada on the southern boarder and Washington on the northern boarder.
Idaho boarders Oregon on the east, and the grand Pacific Ocean washes Oregon's western beaches.
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What is Oregon named after?

The state of Oregon is name after the Native American name of theriver we currently call the Columbus river. The Native Americanscalled it the Ouragon river.

What is Oregon famous for?

I live in Gresham Oregon and here is the answer: Multnomah falls (absolutely beautiful) Columbia River Gorge Crater Lake Tillamook cheese Hazelnuts Blackberries

What is Oregon state flower?

The Oregon state flower is the Oregon Grape flower. The flower hasbeen the official state flower since the year 1899.

What is Oregon country?

The Oregon country or Oregon Territory was made up of what we now know as the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and parts of the states of Montana and Wyoming.

What is Oregon known for?

Oregon has amazing forestry's and fish if you ever have a chance to come here i would because the fish here is amazing and the views are just gorgeous . There are also very b

What is Oregon bordered by?

Oregon is bordered by Washington to the North, California to the South, Idaho and Nevada to the East, and the Pacific ocean to the West

What is Oregon My Oregon?

The state song of Oregon is: "Oregon, My Oregon" Back In 1920, the Society of Oregon Composers held a competition to select a state song for Oregon. The winning entry, "Oreg

What is Oregon like?

Oregon is verry wet most of the time when it is not summer it is verry beautiful the falls are so pretty it is nice. I visited once!
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What is Oregon weather like?

Oregon weather depends on the place. in the valley, it is usually raining or mild sunshine. in eastern Oregon, it is usually dry warm weather. and at the coast, it is also usu