What is PHONE means in monsoon sound system?

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I have no idea but...my battery recently died and now it says phone...i tryed putting in the security code but it just says PHONE....if u have figured it out PS email me wildcatz1000@hotmail.com
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In sound systems what does RF mean?

Answer . \nSpeakers and Sound systems must interconnect in some way to get the music to the speakers. Some systems use wires to do this others operate without wires.\n.

What do mean by PABX and phone systems?

PaBX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) is a type of phone system that connects extensions of internal telephone connections to the PSTN. This is small system that can be hou

What does monsoons mean?

It is a heavy rain that comes to Asia every summer. This rain helps their crops grow.

What does the song monsoon mean?

Bill said this in an interview "Monsoon.. we mean that you should fight for you're love and go through the monsoon, believe in what you do and fight for it!" thats what they