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What is Packet Corruption in computer networking?

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The loss of data packets during transmission.
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In networking what is hop to hop delivery of packets?

The Hop-to-hop delivery is also called the node-to-node delivery and it is the delivery between two nodes connected to the same network by a link and this jib is carried out b

What is computer network about?

Computer Network is all about sharing Information & Resources amongst Users & Devices within network. Computer Networks enables efficient usage of Resources (Such as printer

What is computer networking?

Computer networking is the interconnection of two or more computers. We connect several computers at different locations to exchange information or do other work in a shared o

How can you remove the corrupted file from your computer?

If you deleted it from the recycling bin and it's still there try resetting your computer to a day or two before you downloaded it. And to make your life slightly easier, befo

What is a computer network?

NATI A Network is a group of computers interconnected to interact each other. More specific, a computer network is an infrastructure which provides connectivity to multiple

What is the significance of packet size in a packet switching network?

The packet size is important because the network can then allow for flow control via a pre-determined 'window'. If there is a lot of PDUs travelling, the network can slow down

What are the disadvantages of packet switched network?

The major disadvantage in using packet switching is that it takes longer than other methods to transfer data. In most cases this will be fairly insignificant but it can be a f

What is computer Network?

A computer network is a group of computer systems and other  computing hardware devices that are linked together through  communication channels to facilitate communication

What is used in transferring packets between network?

There is 3 "main" ones. UDP, TCP, and ARP. UDP - Used for very fast messaging between servers TCP - Used for things like chats, http, etc.. ARP - "Address Resolution P