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What is Pluto's complete revolution time?

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A year on Pluto is 247.92 Earth years, or 90,553 Earth days, one day on Pluto is equivilant to 6.387 earth days, or 153.3 hours.
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Why do all planets have different time periods to complete a revolution?

Planets have orbits at a different distance from the Sun. The planets that are farther from the Sun have to move farther in their orbits. They also move slower, so the combine

What is Pluto's period of rotation and revolution?

Period of rotation: 9.39 Earth days (153.36 hours) - Orbital revolution: 248 Earth years (127,107 days)

Why does it take Pluto the longest time to make a complete revolution around the sun?

Pluto has the longest orbit in length as it is further away from the sun than the other planets. If we model the orbit of all the planets as perfect circles, we can see that