What is Polydectes's true motive in sending Perseus to kill Medusa?

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Polydectey's believes that Perseus will turn to stone and he will be Able to marry Perseus's mom
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Who killed Medusa?

The Greek hero Perseus killed Medusa. He took his reflecting mirror and shined it to Medusa. Then, she cut off her head and she threw it into a nearby pond.

Why did Perseus kill Medusa?

Medusa was a dangerous monster, her gaze turned everything to stone. King Polydectes wanted Perseus out of the way so he could try and seduce Perseus' mother Danaë. So Polydectes sent Perseus on this dangerous mission, but with the help of Hermes and thena he went through with it. He cut off h (MORE)

Which characters are in perseus and Medusa?

okay here's all that I know... Perseus - the hero medusa - the non-human demon/monster the 3 grey sisters - they only have one eye and one tooth between them and Perseus steals it from them in order to be told where medusa's lair is two gods/godesses - the donors who give perseus his shoes and swor (MORE)

How did Perseus kill Medusa?

Since Perseus could not look into Medusa's eyes or he would turn to stone he used a shiny shield. He looked into the shield to see the reflection of her to know where she was without turning to stone. He then carefully came up from behind and cut off her head.

Who killed Perseus?

No one killed Perseus. He was one of the few greek heroes that wasn't murdered, mauled or cursed by the gods. He died of old age with his wife Andromeda.

How was Medusa killed by Perseus?

Perseus chopped off Medusa's head. Because her gaze could turn mento stone, he used her reflection in his shield and swung his swordbackhanded, which she obviously wasn't expecting.

Why did Perseus need the head of Medusa?

Perseus was asked by King Polydectes to kill Medusa. Correction. King Polydectes had proposed a "fake" marriage to rid of Perseus so he could marry Perseus's mother. He asked all the men on the island to contribute a gift, Perseus couldn't give anything because the king had taken him and his mother (MORE)

Who assisted perseus in his attempt to kill medusa?

The Medusa affair was a very touchy subject among st the Olympians. As Medusa had been a lover of Poseidon she was (sort of) 'under his protection'. but as she and Poseidon had made love in a temple of Athena she was cruelly cursed. Now Athena could not curse Poseidon as he was one of the big three (MORE)

Why did they kill Medusa?

Perseus, son of Zeus, killed Medusa because she turned people to stone -- essentially, because she was a murderer.

Who killed Medusa and why?

Perseus is the one who killed Medusa. Perseus killed her because king Polydectes sent him on a quest to cut off Medusa's head and bring it to him as a plot to get Perseus out of the way .

How do you kill Medusa?

you cant look her straight in the eye because you would turn to stone so youd have to look in a mirror and slice her head off

In what Greek myth did Perseus fight Medusa?

This sory starts with King Acrisius, who is afraid of getting a grandson by his daughter Danae. She is visited by Zeus and gives birth to Perseus. Acrisius puts these two in an old boat on the Mediterranean, hoping the will drown. Eventually they find themselves in the palace of King Polydectes, who (MORE)

When was Medusa killed?

In order to offer a date of her demise, she would have had to exist, and she didn't. The story of Medusa is one that is told to offer as allegory to the concept of man overcoming adversity, fear and the wilderness. The monsters the founder-king heroes slayed were all indicative of darkness and power (MORE)

Why did Perseus' father send him away?

Perseus father did not send him anywhere. Perseus father was Zeus and his mother was princess Danaë. Danaë's father, king Acrisius, had been told by an oracle, that if he got a grandson Acrisius wold be killed by him. So he locked his daughter in a windowless tower in order to prevent her f (MORE)

What is the theme of Perseus and Medusa?

One theme is predestination.. The grandfather of Perseus, Acrisius, had been told by an oracle the his grandson would kill him. HE did everything not to get a grandson, then trying to get the grandson, Perseus, out of the way. Perseus spent his life far from Acrisius. Yet in the end Perseus killed (MORE)

When did Perseus and Medusa begin?

That story and the rest of the Greek myths are age old, nobody knows how old. They were first put in writing by authors Homer and Hesiod in the 8th century BC.

Who helped Perseus slay Medusa?

While nobody was there to help in the physical slaying of Medusa, Perseus gained a great deal of tools to help him do so. Hermes gave him winged sandals that Athena made because she hated Medusa, and a sickle given to him by Hermes. Athena also gave him a shield and Hades allowed him to borrow his H (MORE)

Why did Athena send a man to kill Medusa?

Medusa was once very beautiful but a man was sent out to kill her and she asked for Athena's protection but Athena refused and Athena cursed her. Medusa couldn't kill women so she was sent to a chamber (that is now hers) were no women could go. every man that ever went in there never came back ou (MORE)

Why was Medusa killed?

Medusa was decapitated by the hero Perseus, who was sent to bring her head to King Polydectes of Seriphus as a wedding gift.

How does Perseus slay Medusa?

He uses the mirrored back of the Aegis to strike at Medusa without looking her in the eyes. He beheaded her, and then put the head in a sack.

Why did Perseus slay Medusa?

because Polydictus, an evil king, wanted to marry Perseus' mother, Danae. he knew Perseus would never allow it though so he told Perseus he would only be happy if he went and killed Medusa. He knew he would be killed on the way. But with the help of a god, goddess, and nymphs, he was successful. he (MORE)

What happened after perseus killed Medusa?

After he killed Medusa he flew on Pegasus trying to escape the Gorgan sisters then he saw a beautiful women named Princess Andromedda ( something like that ) and saved her because she was tied to a chain to be eaten by the sea monster Posiden sent and he rescued her and both fell in love.... made lo (MORE)

Who else did Perseus kill besides Medusa?

He kills the sea monster. It was sent by Poseidon to swallow Andromeda for a sacrifice to him. Perseus killed it and saved her by driving his sword in its mouth. He also by accident killed Acrisius, his father-in-law.

Where did Perseus slay Medusa?

Perseus went to a cave where Medusa lived with her two other Gorgon sisters Stheno and Euryale. He received guidance from the Hesperides. The cave is assumed to be in Greece or on one of its islands.

What happened when perseus killed Medusa?

Medusa died: her children by Poseidon, Pegasus and Chrysaor escaped by her blood, her sister Gorgons woke and went after Perseus who ran from them who were immortal.

Why did Athena help Perseus defeat Medusa?

Medusa is one of the Three Gorgon sisters. She dated Poseidon, who has a fancy for sea monsters. Athena caught Medusa & Poseidon in her temple, the Parthanon. So she cast a spell on Medusa turning her into an ugly hag with snakes as hair. When Perseus went to hunt down Medusa Athena was happy to hel (MORE)

Why could perseus only kill medusa?

Perseus was one of the earliest heroes of myth. As a demigod, he had power and resources other mortals didn't have, making him ideal for monster-slaying. Of course, he was sent on the mission with the intention that it would kill him.

How do perseus and Athens use medusas head?

Even in death, the head of the Gorgon could petrify anyone who looked into its eyes. Perseus just wielded the head itself, like a weapon. Athena had the head mounted to the front of the Aegis.

Why can't Perseus look at Medusa?

Perseus can't look at Medusa because she will turn him into a stone statue but, Perseus can look at Medusa, he can just used a polished bronze shield to deflect the petrifying glaze.

Was perseus rewarded for killing Medusa?

Indirectly. You see, he was given the task by Polydectes, King of Seriphos, with the intention that the Gorgon would kill him, and then Polydectes could have his way with Perseus' mother, Danae. But he was able to kill Medusa, and in turn was able to save Andromeda from the Cetus, slew her intended (MORE)

How does Perseus face Medusa?

In Greek myth, Perseus is given a mirrored shield as a gift from one of the Gods. Because when you look at the Medusa it is said you turn to stone, Perseus could look into his shield and he would see Medusa without actually looking at her, and could kill her.

Why could perseus kill Medusa?

Perseus used a short sharp sword given to him by hermes (messenger god) and a shield used as a mirror, given to him by athena (god of war strategy and wisdom). Perseus looked at Medusas reflection with the shield and took of her head with the sword.

Why should Perseus not kill Medusa?

So that he could return her head to the king, showing proof that he conquered the gorgon and the king's "instructions". Personally, I guess it's also a use of a weapon.

Where did Medusa fight perseus?

Actually, Perseus fought Medusa, not the other way around. Using gifts from the gods, he went to her home and was able to sneak up on her and slice her head off with a sword. Other than that one part, the details of the myth of Medusa, including where she lived, vary from one version to another. Acc (MORE)

Who told Perseus to decapitate Medusa?

There are several versions of the myth. In one, Polydectes, the ruler of the island that Perseus and his mother, Danaë lived one, desperately wanted to marry Danaë, but didn't want her son around. Hence, he hatched a plot in which he would invite a bunch of people over for a wedding celebra (MORE)

What is the purpose for perseus and medusa?

There was no purpose for either Medusa or Perseus. Medusa was the only mortal Gordon (dreadful female creatures) whose eyes turned people to stone. That is all there was to her. She probably liked to just mind her own business. Perseus was sent to kill her and fetch her head by a king. The king want (MORE)