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Project Blue Beam (NASA) is a work and a conspiracy theory by Serge Monast from 1994 in which he detailed his claim that NASA, with the help of the United Nations, was attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ.
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What is rcc beam?

Rcc beam is supported between two support to carry the structure

What is a Laminated Beam?

A laminated beam is a beam that is made of thin layers of a material (Called lamina). An example is glulam beams, which are thin layers of wood glued together to make a large

What is beam spreading?

Beam spreading is when the sun's rays (or angles) spread out because the earth is in it's revolution and rotation. However this is the definition of beam spreading relating li

What is a secondary beam?

A secondary beam is a beam that transfers load to a primary beam. In a floor made of beams the secondary beams connect primary beams that connect to the columns.

What is a prismatic beam?

  A beam with a uniform cross-section.

What is the strap beam?

A strap beam is a beam that connects two foundation footings toghether (needs structural study to see whether to put a STB or not)...

What is concealed beam?

It is the type of beam whose depth is equal or greater the slab but its top level is equal to slab. Engr A.haseeb

Types of beam?

 Continous beam  Simply supported beam  Cantilever beam  Fixed beam  Propped cantilever beam  

What is a downstand beam?

A downstand beam is a raft that consists of a supporting stand that  takes the load of column or walls. The downstand beams is spread to  the monolithically cast slab.

What is the reinforcement in beams?

Reinforcement is anything that provide additional strength to a beam. In a standard beam reinforcement refers to steel bars.

What is beam depletion?

Atmospheric Beam Depletion Is the reduction in the amount of solar insolation as it travels through the atmosphere. when the solar angle is 90 degrees, the solar radiation pas

Why your High beams and low beams will not work?

Fuse or dimmer switch is the only answer i can think of if lights come on but just won't go from high to low or visa versa

What are T beams and I beams?

They are beams (wood or metal) in the cross-sectional form of an I or a T. They are nearly as strong as a solid beam of the same size, but are much lighter. The perpendicula

Headlights do not work on an '03 Subaru Forester high beams and fog lights do work and when I switch to high beams or fog lights the black and blue relays behind the glove box are clicking?

If some of the lights work on the car and some are just clicking, there may be a short in some of the electrical wiring. There may also be a problem with the electrical relays

What is pt beam?

PT Beam is an initial for Post-Tensional beam. PT beams are slabs  that are flat or ribbed and are normally used in construction of a  building's foundation.