What is Public broadcasting and commercial broadcasting?

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Public broadcasting is TV, Radio, etc funded by an official or governments, with No paid advertisements.

Commercial broadcasting on the other hand is TV funded by paid advertisements and contain advertisements during the TV or radio times.
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What is broadcasting?

Process by which a message is sent from a single hosts on the network, without regard to the kind of data being sent or the destination of the data

When was the first commercial broadcast?

The first commercial broadcast was The Voice of Firestone . Sponsored by the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company on the NBC network. ABC aired the show on the same day and time

What is broadcasting for?

Broadcasting refers to the way information and entertainment isreleased to the general public. If you take broadcasting in school,you would more than likely be working in tele

Did radio broadcasts have commercials in 1914?

There were no radio "broadcasts" in 1914. The first regular transmission of anything by radio intended for any significant number of listeners ... as well as the ownershi

What was the first Public broadcasting station?

The first public television station was set up by the newly formed BBC. Not only was it the first television station in the UK, it was indeed the first in the world. The sy

When was first public tv broadcast?

John Logie Baird made the first public demonstration of television in 1925 but this was nothing more than a demonstration. His system was adopted by the BBC and they began bro
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What is commercial broadcasting?

That's common, plain old AM radio, FM radio, and TV. It's broadcasting that casts bait in the form of music, news, sports, and entertainment, to catch ears, which it then