What is ROM in a computer?

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ROM should be thought of as storage which is written and then cannot be changed. Once written the only way to destroy the data is to destroy the device holding the data.

A good example of ROM (Read Only Memory) would be a CD or DVD disc. Once written, the data on the discs cannot be changed, with the exception of Rewritables which were designed specifically for that purpose but even those cannot be re-written on the fly; they need permanent 'tracks' written to them, each time the data is changed which can be thought of as defined beginnings and ends to the data on the disc. (Re-Writables use a dissolvable chemical so that data can be 'smoothened out' and re-written as needed, whereas non re-writables just use a chemical film. Tiny holes burned into the chemical or film as data is written, when the computer reads the disc, it reads a pattern of binary 1s and 0s as it reads the pattern of gaps on the disc).

Solid state drives such as a lot of the smaller mp3 players or usb thumb drives are an example of EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Memory). The data on EEPROM can be manipulated electronically. Also in this category are SD Cards, Memory stick duos and similar, as well as the BIOS chip on a motherboard and firmware chips stored on many electronic devices. They are called solid state drives collectively because they are used for similar purposes as hard drives but have no moving parts.

- Hard drives (also known as Hard Disks) are not an example of ROM as they are designed to store and delete files a lot of the time on the fly. Even files stored on the hard drive permanently can be erased at the users discretion so anything on a hard drive even if given read only status in its file properties cannot be defined as ROM.
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How much ROM should your computer have?

None at all: Ok, it should have some where the BIOS is stored, but overall it should have NONE - ROM is Read ONLY memory, your computer (and most others) us RAM not ROM.

What does ROM stand for in computers?

ROM stands for "Read Only Memory" - a type of data storage that is not normally rewritable. Commercial music CD's and DVD disks are also read-only media. ROM stands for "Read Only Memory," a general term of any storage medium that can only be read from, not written to (under normal circumstances).

What is the difference between RAM and ROM on a computer?

RAM is random access memory which can be written to and read. ROM is read only memory which is programmed to do a specific job, it can not be edited after it has been burnt. ROM-- When viewing on a computer, Read Only Memory is information you can read and cannot click or cannot make it operab (MORE)

What is the role of ROM in a computer?

\nROM = Read Only Memory\n. \nThis chip has computer instructions burned into it by the manufacturer. They can not be changed by the individual user. On some systems they can be changed by a FirmWare upgrade. \n. \nOn a MacIntosh computer the specific code that makes a MacIntosh different from a W (MORE)

What does ROM stand for in computer?

Looking for the definition of ROM ? Find out what is the full meaning of ROM on Abbreviations.com! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and ..

What is the function of RAM and ROM to a computer?

RAM - Random access memory, storage for programs to store information. ROM - Read only memory, very important information that is unlikely to ever need changing such as basic computer boot setup.However in ram viruses are easily to detect than in ROM.RAM is basically understood by the user and R (MORE)

Why RAM and ROM used in the computer?

RAM - Random Access Memory is used by the CPU to store and retrieve information. It is writeable and readable. i.e used as a temporary storage for calculations in a similar way we would use paper. ROM- Read Only Memory. The CPU cannot easily write information into ROM, it is generally programmed upo (MORE)

When is ROM used on a computer?

Most often when it starts up and for very specific hardware translating/data answering: keyboards, drives etc use procedures and data held in ROMs.

What does a CD-ROM do on a computer?

A CD-ROM (Compact Disc - Read Only Memory) reads computer CD's. A CD can hold up to 700MB of data. The CD-ROM is read only, meaning that you cannot write to the CD, unlike a CD-RW or CD-R.

What does a ROM do in a computer?

Read-only memory (usually known by its acronym, ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. Because data stored in ROM cannot be modified (at least not very quickly or easily), it is mainly used to distribute firmware (software that is very closely tied to specif (MORE)

What is the function of ROM in computer?

Read-only memory, a type of storage media which is used in computers and other electronic devices. This tells the computer how to load the operating system. . older Mac computers typically included Old World ROM . newer Mac computers typically included New World ROM . ROM image, a computer fil (MORE)

Is ROM an optional extra on a computer?

ROM stands for Read only memory. Its not extra on your computer. Operating System cannot load into Ram from hard disk without help of Rom.. Rom contains instructions which are used to start a computer

Role of rom in computer?

First of All ROM stands for READ ONLY MEMORY the role of ROM in computer is to store all the Information about any computer hardware such as the processor speed, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives etc. It is a permenant memory which contains also BIOS (basic input output system) configuration and settings.

Why does a computer need ROM?

First off ROM stands for R ead O nly M emory. ROM is important to the computer's functionality because it retains all of the data even if the computer is powered off. ROM is usually what is used to store the data in order to even boot up a computer.

What is the importance of a ROM in a computer?

Answer:. Read-only memory (usually known by its acronym, ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. Because data stored in ROM cannot be modified (at least not very quickly or easily), it is mainly used to distribute firmware (software that is very closely tied (MORE)

How do you find out how much Rom and Ram is in a computer?

On the desktop or in the start menu, right click My Computer and then Properties. The RAM is listed there. It may take a second to show up. I'm not sure what you mean by ROM, but if you mean hard disk space (I'm assuming), left click on My Computer and right click the C: drive and click properties a (MORE)

Why you need ROM in computer?

Technically speaking, you don't - ROM (read-only memory) is just a convenient way to store computer instructions and data which persist (won't disappear) when power is removed from the system (i.e., it's a type of non-volatile memory). There are other ways to address the situation, but in the wor (MORE)

Is ROM an internal memory of computer?

what do you mean by internal memory ? Read only memory is a thing which acts as a interface between kernal and interfacing hardware... it helps passing orders from the kernal to the hardware and makes it work ! i guess this definitely fitting in the category of the internal memory but it is not used (MORE)

What does computer ROM do?

as far as i know there is two different things,, one of which is ram this stores the fata on your computer temporarily (from when u turn ur system on till u turn it off) the other thing is rom,, now rom stores the data permenetly

How do you start computer from CD-rom?

Insert the CD with the operating system on it into your computer's disk drive. Now boot the computer and the machine should give you the option of booting from the CD.

What do the computer words Ram and Rom stand for?

"R ANDOM A CCESS M EMORY Data is loaded into RAM from long-term storage (ie- the hard-disk drive) for execution/processing by the CPU. Having too little RAM can lead to performance problems as data is paged back to the hard drive in order to make space for data that is being loaded into RAM." (MORE)

Where are Rom situated in a computer?

ROM (read-only memory) chips are installed on a computer's motherboard. The model of the board usually determines the type of ROM needed to control a computer's boot routine. ROM is often called "nonvolatile memory," meaning that an electrical current is not needed to maintain the prerecorded data i (MORE)

What is the function of ROM memory in a computer?

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. it is basically a set of instructions the computers follows to run its programs.unlike RAM, ROM cannot be written into and only read from. only the manufacturer has control over the ROM.

How rom works in the computer?

There are not many parts in the computer that contains ROM. ROM is short for Read-Only Memory . This is memory that was written on by the programmers of the computer and was locked to editing by them, so you can only read or copy the contents of ROM. One area that is popular with ROM is CD's. Once (MORE)

How do a virus affect the rom of a computer?

It shouldn't affect the ROM - ROM stands for R ead O nly M emory. The data in the ROM was written at the manufacturing stage of the computer, and viruses shouldn't be able to affect it.

What does ROM stand in computers?

ROM in computers stands for: Read Only Memory.. This is basically a type of memory within the computer that for the most part you can't edit or change. Typically, something like the BIOS: Basic Input Output System of you computer is stored on a ROM chip. The data is not edited or changed in any w (MORE)

Why does a computer system need ROM?

Rom is a non-volatile memory. A computer system needs it because it stores the data permanently. If there is no ROM the data can be stored only until the system is on. Once the system is off, all the data stored in RAM(volatile memory) will be lost. So, ROM is used to store the data for a desired pe (MORE)

What is storage involve rom in computer?

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. It is storage that is set when thecomputer is manufactured and never changed, so it is generally verysimple code intended to load other code to start up the computer orhandle very basic functions that will never change.

How is a DVD ROM drive connected to a computer?

DVD ROM drives can be connected using a USB connector/interface orinstalled in the computer using a Serial ATA connector (or if youcomputer is old an ATA connector if you can find an ATA DVD drive).

Why is it necessary to use ROM in a computer?

The ROM chip - is a semi-permanent piece of memory. It' kick-startsthe computer's boot system so that it loads all necessary driversand 'start-up' programs to RAM when the machine is switched on. RAMis only temporary storage space - it loses its contents when thepower is switched off.