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What is R O U S in 'The Princess Bride'?

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R.O.U.S. stands for Rodents of Unusual Size. They are one of the three dangers of the Fire Swamp.
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What is the subplot of The Princess Bride?

The spaniards attempt to find the man that killed his father. It  was like an addition to the plot of the movie/ story. In other  words, a story inside a story. Storyception

In The Princess Bride how does Wesley die?

Wesley supposedly 'died' when pirates took over his ship to America. He also "mostly" dies in the fith level of the Prince's zoo, or Pit of Despair.

Who is a flat character in The Princess Bride?

In the movie production of The Princess Bride, Vizzini, the leader of the ragtag band of half-hearted criminals who kidnap Buttercup, is a flat character. His character underg

The Princess Bride who is evil?

A list of antagonists in The Princess Bride could include: Prince Humperdinck, who conspires to kill Buttercup and blame her death on Guilder in order to start a warCount Rug

What is the theme from the princess bride movie?

There are several themes in the novel The Princess Bride, which include: Good versus EvilRevengeAppearance versus RealityTrue Love Overcomes all ObstaclesThe Fall and many mo

How does The Princess Bride end?

it ends with them all killing the bad guy and they are about to be captured but escape and ride off into the night saying wherever the wind takes them they will be   ______