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What is R O U S in 'The Princess Bride'?

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R.O.U.S. stands for Rodents of Unusual Size. They are one of the three dangers of the Fire Swamp.
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Who wrote the princess bride?

"The Princess Bride" was supposedly written by S. Morgenstern and abridged by William Goldman, in what he called the "good-parts version". However, Goldman was actually the so

Is there a sequel to the book The Princess Bride?

In short: No. Author and screenwriter William Goldman of The Princess Bride wrote the beginning of a sequel, that appears in the newest editions of The Princess Bride called "

Will there be a princess bride 2?

Well if you go on www.Princessbridethebook.com you can request a chapter he didn't put in the book. And when you read it he says he made another book.

In the book The Princess Bride who is westley?

Westley was the farmhand who loved and was loved by Buttercup. He went to see to make his fortune, and was reportadly killed. In fact, he was captured, befriended his captor,