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What is Rachael Ray's claim to fame?

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Rachel Ray has a line of cookware and dog food in addition to her television shows.

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Rachael Ray is a celebrity chef. She has been a part of three shows on the Food Network.
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Who makes Rachael Ray's cookware?

I've looked at her cookware & it very much resembles KitchenAid cookware. I've compared the 2 side by side at Sears. Which carries both brands. The type of material they use &

What does Rachael Ray's dad do?

Rachael Ray's father's side of the family owned several restaurants on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

What is Rachael Ray's diet?

Rach loves pasta, organic foods, cheeses, EVOO, and heart healthy foods. She favors many seasonings and herbs as well. Rosemary, garlic, etc are also favored. Also, she loves