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The Right Mortgage® is a new product designed to simplify mortgage pricing. Consumers can select the terms and privileges that fit their needs and discover how that impacts their mortgage rates. They could save thousands of dollars in unnecessary extras over the term of their mortgage! We spoke with hundreds of consumers and asked them to tell us what they felt during the mortgage purchase process. Not surprisingly, many found the process intimidating and confusing. During our research we discovered varying concerns expressed by people ranging from the way the process was presented to them to the lack of guidance and options available. "RIGHTMortgage® represents a real change, we can now meet with our customers and build the Right Mortgage® for them based on what they want and they can see exactly how it works" said Michael Beckette, President & C.E.O., Mortgage Alliance. "This new process allows our clients to select or de-select items, components and terms within their mortgage and they instantaneously see how it affects the overall rate and payments. They actually choose the features they want and discard the ones they don't need. The right mortgage is really the one you create!" Mortgage Alliance/MPH is Canada's largest mortgage brokerage network, providing choice, convenience and counsel to thousands of Canadians each year regarding mortgage financing. For more information about the RIGHTMortgage® please contact: Sean McDowell Mortgage Associate National Office:1-877-366-3487 Edmonton Office:780-905-9117 Calgary Office:403-616-5650 Fax: 1-866-548-3559 smcdowell@mortgagealliance.com www.rightmortgage4u.ca
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What are co-signers rights on home mortgages?

Answer . NONE!!!!!!!!!!. AS LONG...... as they did not take TITLE with you in the property. Check and see if they are on the Deed or security deed.. that will answer your

What are your rights as a mortgage cosigner?

If you are not an owner of the property, as a co-signer you are fully responsible for paying the mortgage. You have no other rights in the property.

If your name is not on the deed but is on the mortgage what are your property rights?

If your name is not on the deed but you still signed the mortgage that didn't give you any property rights. You volunteered to pay the mortgage even though you don't own the l

What is The Right Mortgage?

The Right Mortgage ® is a new product designed to simplify mortgage pricing.. Consumers can select the terms and privileges that fit their needs and discover how that.

What are the rights of a co borrower for a mortgage loan?

You should think of them more accurately as obligations rather than rights. If the co-borrower is not also an owner by deed, signing a mortgage gives them no rights in the pr

What rights does a cosigner of a mortgage loan have?

Co-signing a mortgage doesn't provide any rights. Co-signing creates responsibility . The co-signer is completely responsible for paying the mortgage if the primary borrower

You are on the title not the mortgage what are your rights?

If you own an interest in the property and didn't sign the mortgage then your interest isn't covered by the mortgage. Assuming only the co-owner signed a mortgage, in the case

What is a Right to Buy mortgage in the UK?

A Right to Buy mortgage is available for tenants living in England. It was revived in the last year and has been very popular. It states that anyone who has lived in public ho