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SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also called texting or text messaging. SMS messages or 'texts' are usually sent from one mobile phone to another mobile phone. It is a quick and convenient way of sending a short message to someone anywhere.
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What is SMS fittings in dairy pipes and fittings?

SMS fittings are named from Swedish Dairy Standard ( Svensk MeieriStandard ) There are a multitude of variants in pipe-clips and clamps and couplings and unions that is comm

What is SMS charges?

The phrase "SMS charges" refers to additional charges for text  messages. If you don't have a messaging plan as part of your cell  phone plan, you could be charged additiona

What is SMS Gateway?

SMS gateway is the term used to describe a service transforming messages to mobile network traffic from other media, or vice versa

What is sms and what device uses sms?

SMS is an abbreviation which stand for SMS Messaging Service. SMS is mostly use by Telecommunication companies.  The correct expanded definition of SMS is Short Message Servi

What is SMS in coin collecting?

  "SMS" is an abbreviation for "Special Mint Set". The US Mint did not produce any proof sets for collectors in the years 1965, 1966, 1967. Instead they produced what were

What is SMS MO MT?

SMS MO (Mobile Originator) is the ability to sent SMS. SMS MT(Mobile Transmitter) is the ability to receive SMS transmitted my MO.

In sms fittings what is sms stands for?

In simple terms of SMS is Short Massage Service and in this competitive times this one really effective tools for marketing and most of the business owners know the powers of

What is SMS payment?

SMS payment is a new way to pay your bills with SMS from your  mobiles. This is highly efficient and secure method.   Mobile penetration is high in rural and  urban area

What is sms for the iPhone?

iMessage lets you send messages back and forth with anyone on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Send photos, videos, locations, and contacts, too.