What is Sarah Palin's bra size?

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It has been said to be 36c. Her measurements are reported as 35 and 1/4 - 30 and 1/2 - 40 and 3/4.
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What is Sarah Palin's educational background?

Sarah Palin Education Background . Palin attended Hawaii Pacific College in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1982 for a semester, where she majored in Business Administration, and transferred in 1983 to North Idaho College for the 1983-1984 school year. After winning a scholarship, she transferred to Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska for one term before transferring back to the University of Idaho the following year where she finished out her college education and received a Bachelor of Science degree in communications-journalism from the University of Idaho in 1987, where she also minored in political science.. Before that she attended Wasila High School. . See links for sources.. She spent a semester at Hawaii Pacific University in 1982. In 1983 she transferred to North Idaho College. In 1987 she received a bachelor of science in communications-journalism from the University of Idaho.. Palin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communications-journalism from the University of Idaho, where she also minored in political science. Source: Answers.com

What are Sarah Palin's political positions?

Politically, she's a neocon or social conservative. She was the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and the former Governor of Alaska. She was John McCain's running mate for President, the Republican candidate for Vice President. More recently, she authored a book called, "Going Rogue" and toured the nation in promotion of it. It did well amongst fans, though received less than glowing reviews critically. She has since signed a multi-year deal with Fox News to be a contributer and commentator. Political Positions . She was in favor of oil drilling, and developing natural gas in Alaska. . She was in favor of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. . Recognizes the need to fight terrorism. . Pro life (includes opposition to late term, partial birth abortions). . Supports age appropriate sex education, including promoting abstinence. . She has promoted bi-partisanship to solve problems, appointing both Republicans and Democrats to executive positions. Past Political Offices . Mayor of a middle class community . Energy commissioner for the most energy rich state . Governor, had at one time an amazing 80% approval rating Explanation of changes: Sarah Palin is a figure of some controversy. She is a strong minded woman who while ordinarily would attract the support of various women's groups, does not. This is due to her strongly conservative beliefs. She is also subject to many jokes, and this forum itself has seen many acts of vandalism to her pages. Those who like her would claim this is due to her political beliefs, and in many cases that may well be true. Others would say that anti-Palin behavior is due to her being very unintelligent. That she has not shown herself in a very good light in interviews may well make that claim true - that some hate her for that. However, when it is all said and done, her intelligence and consistency are little better or worse than any politician of the left or right. She has in her disfavor a stunning lack of preparation for interviews. But she has in her favor that she has performed the duties of several responsible offices, and has won the support of a whole state in a free election.

What is Sarah Palin's net worth?

The financial assets, number of homes, and total net worth of the Palins have not been made public. Many have been calling for her tax returns and she has yet to release them. She is planning on releasing them the first week of October.. According to the Washington Post and a March 2008 financial disclosure form reported elsewhere (see Related Links), she makes, as governor, $125,000 a year in salary, plus about $60,000 in reimbursable expenses. Her husband Todd Palin earns $93,000 a year. Neither have any credit card debt.

What was Sarah Palin's college GPA?

If you want to know, ask her! You can sign the Petition to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to Voluntarily Release Her College Grade Point Average on the Care2 petitionsite. The petition summary and letter offer good reasons why voters should be able to consider this information. And besides, didn't your employer inquire about your education and experience when interviewing you? Were you allowed to refuse information about your performance in college? Why should we be entitled to any less when considering who to hire as our Vice-President?

How old are Sarah Palin's children?

Sarah Palin has 5 children As of September 2008, here are the ages of her children: -- son Track (b. 1989) is 19; -- daughter Bristol (b. 1991) is 17; -- daughter Willow (b. 1995) is 13; -- daughter Piper (b. 2001) is 7; -- son Trig (b. 2008) is 4 months old.

Are Sarah Palin's children homeschooled?

Sarah Palin and Homeschooling . Sarah Palin will homeschool her 17-yr-old daughter Bristol Palin, in a state-funded homeschooling education program called IDEA (Interior distance education of Alaska) Sarah Palin's 3 other children Willow, Piper and Track are students of the state public school system. (Track is graduated and headed to Iraq and Trigg is only a few months old )

What is Sarah palin's job?

She was the governor of Alaska and before that, she was the mayor of a town in Alaska. its time sum1 sent her back to Alaska :P

What is Governor Sarah Palin's shoe size?

Previous Answer: That's not released information. It is the same as her boot size, but that's not released either. From the debate with Senator Biden, her size is smaller than his. If you know Katie Couric's shoe size, you may be able to estimate by watching the Couric's interview with Palin. New Answer: Sarah Palin is a size 7.5. This size is posted at the following site along with sources (auctioned shoes). http://www.celebrityshoesize.com/p/sarah-palin-708.html

What is Sarah palin's lifestyle like?

She will soon star in a TV show called "Sarah Palin's Alaska". She says on Jay Linno's show that sports featured in the 2010 olympic (winter) games are all in the morning routine. ( She is a comedian as well :) ). I have been working on a research project and could not find any answers on this topic, so I hope that this helps you Sarah Palin fans out there get your information.