What is Selena Gomez?

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Selena Gomez is Mexican she is from Texas but back round is Mexican. She may be Texican like Eva Longoria, family is hispanic but in Texas over 6 generations.
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What is Selena Gomez in?

Selena Gomez is in: Princess Protection Program : as Carter Mason/Princess Mason Wizards of Waverly Place : as Alex Russo Another Cinderella Story : as Mary Hannah Montana :

What is Selena Gomez millsberry?

hi guys this is Selena Gomez i would like to tell all of ya my millsberry username it is pokadot um if you would like to add me as a friend add me and if you would like to sen

What is Selena Gomez heritige?

Selena Gomez is half Mexican and half Italian. The Mexican heritage is from her dad, Ricardo Gomez's side and her Italian heritage is from her mom, Mandy Teefy's side. :)