What is Senegal in French?

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The Republic of Senegal is known as la République du Sénégal in French, or more commonly Le Sénégal.
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Where is Senegal?

On the West coast of Africa.Senegal is a republic with a presidency; the president is electedevery five years as of 2001, previously being seven years, by adultvoters.

What can you do in senegal?

i am from senegal and their are lots of things you can do over their like vist their new monument which is taller then the statue of liberty they been working on it forever yo

How long has Senegal been a French colony?

France was established in Senegal in 1677 when it created the slave trading center at Goree and granted independence as the Mali Federation on 4 April 1960 so about 283 years

Why is French spoken in Senegal?

French is spoken in Senegal because of colonization from the French. Senegal later received it's independence, but still Senegalese people speak French. in the 1850's the Fren

What percent of people speak french in Senegal?

The constitution of the Republic of Senegal dated January 7 2001 states in its 1rst article that French shall be the official language. The national languages shall be Diolo,