What is Sikkim stag?

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Sikkim Stag Cervus elaphas wallichii: is a Red Deer and a close relative of The Kashmir stag (Cervus elaphus hanglu), also called Hangul. It is found in the Chumbi valley in Tibet-Sikkim border. Lastly this species was reported in Pangolakha area in Sikkim in 1991. Supposed to be extinct in Indian territory.
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What is a stag?

A stag is an adult male red deer that does not have a female companion or mate. A stag can also be a reference to a " stag night ", which is a male bachelor party or dance in

Does and stags are?

Does are female deer and Stags are male deer.. Fawns are yound deer.. Stags have antlers.

What are 'stags'?

Male deer. The word is also used to refer to a male who attends a party or dance without a female partner. In such a case, the phrase "going stag" is often used.

What is the population of sikkim?

Sikkim covers a total area of 2,740 square miles, and has anestimated population of 619,000. Sikkim is located in the Himalayanmountains.
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