What is Sikkim stag?

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In Sikkim
Sikkim Stag Cervus elaphas wallichii: is a Red Deer and a close relative of The Kashmir stag (Cervus elaphus hanglu), also called Hangul. It is found in the Chumbi valley in Tibet-Sikkim border. Lastly this species was reported in Pangolakha area in Sikkim in 1991. Supposed to be extinct in Indian territory.
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Who is Larry the stag?

Larry the Stag is the mascot for The Hartford. He appears in their business logo. Larry is his unofficial name, and is predominantly used internally as a nickname for the Stag featured in the logo. .

What is a stag?

A stag is an adult male red deer that does not have a female companion or mate. A stag can also be a reference to a " stag night ", which is a male bachelor party or dance in which someone attends without a female companion.. attend a dance or a party without a female companion . denounce: give aw (MORE)

A female stag?

There are different terms in the English language to specify if weare talking about the male or the female of the deer species. Amale deer is sometimes called 'buck', while a particularly largespecimen is called 'stag'. For the female of the species, the termused is 'doe'.

What is a baby stag?

Baby deer are called fawns, There is no differentiation made for male (stag) or female (hind) fawns.

What is a young stag?

A young stag, also known as a young buck, is a young male deer thatis over a year of age but under three or four.

Does and stags are?

Does are female deer and Stags are male deer.. Fawns are yound deer.. Stags have antlers.

What is the opposite of stag?

The opposite gender from a stag or buck (male) would be a doe or (especially for red deer) a hind. * For the slang term meaning "single at a gathering", the opposite is together, by couples or pairs.

What is a Red Stag?

a red stag is the biggest deer they havr a tint of red to them and the antlers are trumendus

Who is Satish Bardewa from Sikkim?

Satish Bardewa is the CEO of Yak and Yeti Travels(http://yaknyeti.com/),one of the premium and infamous travels agents in sikkim,a keen mountaineer ,first Laison Officer from Sikkim in Indian Mountaineering Foundation,first mountaineer from Sikkim to lead a British Expedition, first Travel agent to (MORE)

What rhymes with stag?

bag, flag, gag, hag, jag, lag, mag, nag, rag, sag, stag, snag, tag, wag, 2 syllables : air bag, black flag, blue flag, book bag, clutch bag, codag, code flag, dog tag, dust bag, golf bag, ice bag, jet lag, kit bag, main drag, montag, name tag, old bag, price tag, reflag, scum bag, sight gag, soft (MORE)

Official language of sikkim?

English is the official language of Sikkim. Though English is the official language a large number of people who converse in nepali, lepcha and bhutia.

What are 'stags'?

Male deer. The word is also used to refer to a male who attends a party or dance without a female partner. In such a case, the phrase "going stag" is often used.

Is sikkim manipal university recognised?

Sikkim Manipal University Directorate of Distance Education is recognised by . University Grants Commission(UGC) . Ministry of HRD . Member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) . Recognised by Distance Education Council (DEC)

How do you reach sikkim from hyderabad?

The only way one can reach Sikkim is by passing through West Bengal. So you have to take a flight for Bagdogra from Hyderabad. From there you can hire a local taxi as it is just 120 kms from there. . For more - http:/www.indiatoursguide.org/sikkim/how-to-reach-sikkim.html

Sikkim Manipal University Assignments?

Dear friend,Assignment and projects are a vital part of our MBA/MCA/BBA.... course.It is easy to secure 90%+ marks in it but the condition is that we have to submit a good quality material to your college/study centre. It is not a child's play to answer the assignments full of newly updated and to (MORE)

What is the population of sikkim?

Sikkim covers a total area of 2,740 square miles, and has anestimated population of 619,000. Sikkim is located in the Himalayanmountains.

Is sikkim manipal university fake?

Absolutely not. Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education is not a fake university, It has UGC, DEC and HRD. Also it is considered as the one of the best universities in India for Distance Education for all the courses which includes MBA, MCA and various other courses.

Who pays for the stag and doe?

For the record ... not sure who put this in wildlife but a "Stag and Doe" is a party held before a wedding to raise money for the bride and groom - to pay for the party itself, the wedding, and, hopefully, give them some money to start their new life together - by selling tickets to the event, run (MORE)

How do you say 'stag' in Bulgarian?

STAG [stæg] I. 1. елен (особ. в петата година) 2. кастриран бик/шопар 3. борсов спекулант

How do you say 'stags' in Bulgarian?

STAGS is the plural of STAG STAG [stæg] I. 1. елен (особ. в петата година) 2. кастриран бик/шопар 3. борсов спекулант

Sikkim stock exchange phone no?

Dear All , I do not have Sikkim Stock Exchange present Numbers but do have annual reports for years 1992-93 , 1994-95 etc as my mother is a registered member member ship no 565 with stock exchange . How ever earlier many of the Brokers used to participate in public issues of companies . Mr Prathav (MORE)

Is stag beetles poisonous?

No stag beetles are not poisonous they might break your skin or give you a boo-boo but no they aren't

What does stag beetles eat?

A stag beetle usually eats ripe or rotten fruit (especially melon), tree sap, or many water based materials. They also love sweet fruit juices.

In stag hunting what is a harbourer?

Before the Hunting Act was passed, the Harbourer was the person who goes, out normally in the early morning, and finds and watches the deer, which the hunt wishes to pursue, usually one which has been doing particular damage to crops, and where it lies up. This information was then given to the Mast (MORE)

Is stag a stock market term?

As in stagflation means inflation, slow economy with high unemployment, increased prices with tightened money supply (inflation and high interest rates). We had that when Carter was potus.

Is a red deer a red stag?

A red deer is the species of the animal. a stag is the male deer therefore a red stag is a male red deer. A female is a hind therefore a female red deer is a red hind. Hope this helps

Who is a stag speculator?

stag is a speculator who operates in the stock exchange at the time of IPO (initial public offering). He purchases large number of securities of good companies (reputed companies) at the time of fresh issue. He purchases the shares to sell them above the par value to earn premium. A stag also suffe (MORE)

Are stags carnivores?

yes, in the Jurassic time period they ate small tyrannasaures and were very high up in the food chain, but their idiocy almost comletely wiped them out

What do you do at stag weekends?

Stag weekends are designed to fulfill a man's desires and the activities list is an endless one. Most of the activities require a daredevil attitude, athletic personality, and the ability to have fun in whatever situation!

Is eiilm sikkim university fake or not?

Its not a fake university . It is good university .yes, eiilm university sikkim is ugc, mhrd approved university. Distance program of eiilm university are bca,mba,ba in hospitality and tourism. Dec approval only for 2009-2010 session only. for more detail about Eiilm university regarding any query , (MORE)

What is a stag horse?

The word stag refers to a male horse that was gelded after he has reached the age of maturity, has been used for breeding before he was gelded or a gelding (no matter his age at the time of gelding) who has stallion like behavior.

Where in the world is Sikkim located?

Sikkim is a landlocked state in the north eastern part of the country of India. The terrain consists mostly of the Himalayan mountains. The state is bordered by Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal.

What is the masculine of stag?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for male or female. The noun for a male is stag . The noun for a female is doe.