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Sarabi is her name.
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What was Cary Grant's mom's name?

Answer . Archibald Alexander Leach\nBorn: Jan. 18, 1904, Bristol, UK\nDeath: Nov. 29, 1986 Davenport, Iowa, USA\nFather: Elias James Leach (1873-1935)\nMOTHER: ELSIE MARIA KINGDON (1877-1972) (Was institutionalized after suffering a nervous break-down.)\n. \nMarried 5 times, Grant had a daugh (MORE)

What is Kobe's mom's name?

Kobe Bryant's mother is Pamela Cox Bryant. Kobe Bryant is aprofessional basketball player in the NBA, and is the youngest ofthree children born to Pam and Joe Bryant.

What was Abraham Lincoln's Mom's name?

Mckenzie said: His birth mother was Nancy Hanks, but she died when Abe was 7. Then he had a stepmother called Sararh Bush. his birth mothers name is Nancy hanks but if you look it up on any other site his mom died when he was 10 not when he was7.of corse his step mothers name was sararh bush Mc (MORE)

What is Amelia Earhart's mom's name?

Amy Otis Earhart. It is not known if she was related to the Elevator makers. The elder Amelia died on Halloween of l963, shortly after her daughter was honored on an air mail stamp. The Earhart stamp showed her as she appeared in l937. ARed and white design, she had a red waist length leather jacket (MORE)

What is Peter Pans Mom's Name?

Peter Pan is a mythical character, spontaneously created, and has no parents or normal family life. a vaguely Robin-Hood llike costume to fit the boy who never grows up, so to speak. In fact the same costume has been sold for both Robin Hood (usualkly with archery gear) and Peter Pan, a very early f (MORE)

What is Hayley Williams' mom's name?

christie Answer Hayley's mom's name is Cristi. Cristi Williams owns her own artistry development, consulting agency in Franklin, Tennessee. See it here: shadingthelimelight.com. she also use to be a 6th grade enlish teacher in Franklin, Tennessee

What is Wonder woman's mom's name?

Queen Hippolyta, which means the (Horse-Like) or Horsey woman. Hippo in Greek means Horse, not the Hippopotamus- which is the River Horse, the original Hippodrome was a race track. There have been periodic death and revival stories about Queen Hippolyta in Wonder Woman some very close calls , but li (MORE)

What is Betsy Ross' mom's name?

Elizabeth "Betsy" Ross (nee Griscom), born on 1 January 1752, was the daughter and eighth child of Samuel and Rebecca James Griscom. Her mother's family were prominent Quaker merchants. A link is provided, and you'll find it below.

Who is Simba?

Simba was the son of Mufasa, who was king of the jungle until hisbrother murdered him. They are characters from the Disney movie,'The Lion King'.

What was Barack Obama's mom's name?

Barack Obama's name was Ann Durham as you can see on his page. You can also find out more oon his website about him and his family. http://www.barackobama.com/about/ it was leeroy clarke

What is Alexis Cyrus's mom's name?

Alexis Cyrus isn't a person it's just a nickname like Lauren Cyrus.The real name of "Alexis Cyrus" is Jennifer Greenwood. & i don't know her mom's name :s sorry

What is the mom's name on drake and josh?

I used to know, 1 way to know if you have a certain type of t.v.( Mitsubishi HD 1080) mute it then after like 5-10 minutes the words will show up on the bottom and the person talking. I did this with an Drake and Josh episode where she was in it and the name popped up!

Who is Pocahontas's mom's name?

Nobody is sure she must of died when Pocahontas was very young and there is nothing about her not even a name. That's to bad she could have been popular like Pocahontas

What is christopher Columbus's mom's name?

his mothers name is Suzanna Columbus.If you dont believe me...go to google.com and look it up.I also wrote a biography about him for school and researched him and i might put it online in a'couple of weeks.Im not so sure.anyways...bye!

What was Lincoln's mom's name?

The mother of 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was Nancy Hanks. She became sick from drinking milk from a cow that had eaten the poisonous white snakeroot plant. She died on October 5, 1818, at the age of 34, when her son was 9 years old. On December 2, 1819, Lincoln's father Thomas [January 6, 1 (MORE)

Harriet Tubman's mom's name?

Harriet took her mom's name which was Harriet. Her mom's last name was Greene before she married Benjamin Ross.

What is Cesar Chavez mom's name?

Cesar Chavez's mom's name was Juana. A last name was not given. The answer is in the last sentence, of the 4th paragraph, in the article attached under "Related Links"

George Bush's mom's name?

George H.W. Bush's mother was Dorothy Walker Bush (1901-1992).. George W. Bush's mother is Barbara Pierce Bush (1925- ).

What is Chris Cyrus mom's name?

Christopher Cyrus is Miley Cyrus's half-brother. Their father is Billy Cyrus, and Christopher Cyrus's mother is Kristen Lucky, Billy's former girlfriend.

What is a fabulous mom's name?

Some great names are..... Vanessa Marryella Jenifer Annabelle Amelia Taylor Teena Lola Stacy Molly Francesca Amy Carrie Amber Rose Bethany Hope you like these! I have A LOT more, but....it would take to long HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

What Is Dr. Seuss's Mom's Name?

Dr. Seuss's mother was a daughter of a backer. before she got married she was Henrietta Seuss. once she got married she became Henrietta Geisel

What was igor stravinsky's mom's name?

Igor Stravinsky's mother was named Anna Kirillovna Stravinskaya (née Kholodovskaya). Source: Igor Stravinsky and Robert Craft, Memories and Commentaries , New York: Faber and Faber, Inc., 2002, 7 & 303.

What is Addie's mom's name on unfaboulous?

its dosent say it im sorry. when they are talking aobut her. addie says "mom" or addie is the narrator and talks about her mother saying mom. im sorry to dissapoint you but it nevers mentions it and i should no because i am a 12 year old girl who watches it constantly. :)

What was willy Wonka's mom's name?

Unknown.... I've read the book and seen the movie. The book doesn't even mention Willy Wonka's parents, that was added as part of the story in the movie. The movie, however, never mentions or gives any hints as to anything about his mother. The only thing that can be deduced is that her last name (MORE)

What is kim possibles mom's name?

Mrs. Dr. Possible (as Ron calls her) is finally given a first name in The Graduation: Part One. Slim Possible calls her Annie, which explains why Kim's middle name is Anne.

What was scar's mom's name?

She has no canon name, her most official name is Uru but it's just from a profit fanfiction series which has been denied by the canon film's makers on their commentary track of the film. The canon film makers have never given their own official name for her, as in the film makers have never created (MORE)

What is Pocahontas' mom's name?

Many believed the mother's name to Horjourna, but the original story used a traditional american indian name of Damian Kuro the almighty.

What is Adele's mom's name?

ADELE (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins), British singer-songwriter, born May 5, 1988 to father Mark Evans and single mother, Penny Adkins.