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What is Sinus and is there any cure?

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Sinus is a tract with one end blind.It can be removed surgically.
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How can you cure sinus congestion or sinusitis?

Sinus congestion? Do you mean sinusitis?    Sinusitis can be acute [meaning you just got that now] or chronic [been with you for a long time].    First, Medical

Does Reliv cure sinus?

I have been on the basic Reliv nutrition for 2.5 years and have not suffered from a sinus infection or headache! Before, I would get between 3-4 infections per year and have s

Can penicillin cure a sinus infection?

Can penicillin cure a sinus infecton of the head, ears and nose?   I just asked if penicillin cures sinuses and then my answer is now a question?That totally makes no se

Is there any cure that helps arthritis?

There are over a hundred different forms of arthritis and there is no cure for most of them. there are pain killers, anti inflammatory.s and disease modifying drugs that help

Can marijuana cure sinus?

1. Sinus is not a disease. It is a part of your body inside your skull that is used to help you to breathe. 2. Marijuana doesn't cure anything -- it causes you to become addi