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What is Sinus and is there any cure?

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Sinus is a tract with one end blind.It can be removed surgically.
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Are there any cures for tinitus?

I have tinitus in both ears. I have been told many times (and read) that there is no help for tinitus sufferers. I am still seeking a more positive anwer on this. Please le

Is there any medicine to cure a talkative person?

No, there is no cure. The only way is to get to the root of the problem. what causes the person to be talking excessively. Then, try to work out a strategy to pracise self-con

Is there any hope for a cure for herpes?

Certainly there is hope. We ought to view life optimistically. So read some facts below: Nowadays, with the help of modern science, there is always hope that the progress to

Is there any cure for hemophilia?

No. The disorder is genetic. No. Hemophilia is not curable at this time. However, it is treatable. Using blood products, artificial blood clotting factors and in some cas

Is there any differences between cure and treat?

To treat is to do something to make an illness less bad, but this does not necessarily mean that you will cure it. To cure is to make the illness disappear totally.

Is there any one who got cured from vitiligo?

B. M. Zamudio a Mexican school boy of 14 suddenly developed white patches on his forehead, which gradually enlarged. His cheek neck and arms were involved within six months. H

Is it any cure of muscular dystrophy?

In some cases, like CMT, no. Symptoms of muscular dystropy can be surpressed with medication, but the disease is a genetic mutation. It's also hereditary, so it might be passe

Is there any treatment or cure for Down syndrome?

'It Is Not a Disease - It Is a Gift' Down syndrome is not a disease; it can't be treated. It is a genetic mutation that happens when the cells of the fetus are dividing. The

Is there any cure for hepatitis b?

There are two forms of hepatitis B: Acute (self-clearing) or chronic. According to Wikipedia, "Acute hepatitis B infection does not usually require treatment because most adul

Is there any cure that helps arthritis?

There are over a hundred different forms of arthritis and there is no cure for most of them. there are pain killers, anti inflammatory.s and disease modifying drugs that help

Is there any permanent cure for psoriasis in homeopathy?

A:   Homeopathy can support the healing process of many skin ailments.  Because Psoriasis is a long term condition and suggests an  imbalance in the body, an integrative

Why are there not any cures for genetic disorders?

There are "treatments", but since the origin of the disorders are coded into the genes of the individual, there is no feasible way to alter the affected cells. "Gene therapy",

What are any cures for hearing loss?

Unfortunately, in most cases hearing loss does not improve. However, some types of hearing loss can be caused by problems which may be treated medically, such as ear infection

Is there any cure for eczema?

There actually is no known "cure" for eczema only treatments. The problems with standard treatments, light boxes, creams (corticosteroids etc) is that they have side effects,

Is there a cure for any types of cancer?

I bet I can answer this question. In fact, I think my cure would work. You need a sample of any type of virus because that will be the key. The virus will infect the tumor. A