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What is Smokey the Bear's middle name?

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Smokey Bear has NO middle name.
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What was the name of Smokey the Bear's mate?

Smokey Bear's mate was Goldie Bear, who also did not have a middle name, and while 'not a blood relative' to Smokey, did share his last name. While they never did have any chi

Is Smokey Bear's zip code 20252?

Yes, it is. In 1964 the USPS gave Smokey Bear (there's no "the" in his correct name) his own zip code because he received so much fan mail sent to the national zoo in Washingt

What is pooh bear's whole name?

Winnie-the-Pooh, Pooh Bear, and Edward Bear. He also had an alias- according to the book, he was "living under the name Mr. Sanders". This was because Mr. Sanders was written

What is Smokey bear's motto?

"Only YOU can prevent forest fires." Previously, until 2001, it was "Remember - only YOU can prevent forest fires." Originally, in 1944, it was "Smokey says -- Care will p

What is Smokey Bear's new saying?

With the proliferation of "brush fires" in places such as California and Arizona, Smokey began saying "Only YOU can prevent wildfires." Previously, his standard line was "Only