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In the begining, Gaia the Mother Earth bore Uranus - Sky, Ourea - Montains and Pontos - Sea. Gaia and Uranus have got plenty of children, but Uranus hated them. The youngest son of Uranus, called Cronus ("Time") castrated his father with sickle. From Uranus' genitals became beautiful Aphrodite, nd from blood great Gigantes. After that, Cronus and Rhea were king and queen of Universe. Roman equivalent of Uranus is Caelus. He is alo castrated, by his son Saturn, equivalent of Cronus.
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What can you do on Uranus?

You would be killed if you were to try and land on Uranus. It is a giant, poisonous planet that is extremely cold, because it is so far from the Sun. The gravity is strong eno

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What does Uranus have?

It has a frigid outer atmosphere, which gets very dense and hot toward the interior. There is a ferociously hot sludge of water and ammonia covering the smaller planetary core

What does Uranus have on it?

Uranus does not have anything on it. But, it has a lot of rings around it. Uranus is made up of methane gas and other gases. the methane gas gives uranus its blue color.
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