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The Scarlet Letter is a famous work of fiction published in 1850, and written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. If you are asking what the phrase "scarlet letter" means, it refers to the letter A for "adultery" which was worn for punishment by the woman who had committed that sin. The story takes place in an era when religion dominated the culture, and breaking one of the Commandments could cause you to be publicly shamed.
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It is both the title of a book and a punishment for crime that was used in the period that the book is set in. The main character of the book has been punished for a crime in that way. The punishment consisted of using a hot branding iron to brand the person's forehead with a letter identifying their crime. The burn scar from this branding when it healed turned bright red, thus the person wore a Scarlet Letter on their forehead for the rest of their life identifying them as a criminal and what their crime was.
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What does the letter A stand for in The Scarlet Letter?

Initially, in the world of the characters in the novel, the A stands for adultery. The meaning, however, changes as the plot progresses and some in the story regard the A as m

What kind of letter is the Scarlet Letter?

The Scarlet Letter is a red letter sewn by Hester Prynne, which she wears on her chest. The Letter symbolizes adultery so that those around her know that she committed adulter

What does the meteor represent in The Scarlet Letter?

it resembles the conscience because before chapter 13 , it talks about how dimsdale sees the meteor as the letter A , signifying the scarlet letter , while others see it as th

In The Scarlet Letter Why did Hester have to wear The Scarlet Letter?

In the Scarlet Letter, Hester was forced to wear the red letter A indicating "adultery" (which in the strictly religious community was a sin and therefore nominally a crime).