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What is Trinidad and Tobago's education like?

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Their education is designed primarily to prepare the elite for study abroad and the eventual assumption of political and economic leadership roles in the society. Go to: www.visittnt.com/General/about/education.html for the answer.
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What was roman education like?

Good for rich people-they sometimes had tutors, but poor children would probably not get an education.

What is the education like in Egypt?

Education was a big thing in Ancient Egypt. Boys started learning their father's job when they were four. When they were older they were expected to do the same occupation as

What was the education like in colonial Massachusetts?

In colonial Massachusetts, education was less practical, but more  focused on theory and ethics. There were more boys schooling;  compared to the number of girls who were en

What was Michael Jackson's education like?

He started off in a public school in Gary, Indiana until he was 11  years old, his grades were above average and he especially excelled  in creative class, by the time the J

What was ancient corinth education like?

The importance of education in daily life is very essential to develop skills and competencies, which when implemented in day to day life and improves the quality of life of a

What was Louis Sachar's education like?

Louis Sachar had a very good education. His first school was in Tutshill, California. He then went to High School, before leaving to go to University. He then went to work in

What was ancient Sparta education like?

Girls were taught reading and writing. They were expected to take part in athletic events like foot racing. Male and females were expected to have a perfect body. The girls we

What is the education in China like?

Chinese people go to school at a young age and all girls are forced to do gymnastics for at least one year. Babies as young as four go out to the battlefield to fight against

What is the Chinese education system like?

Education in China is compulsory, and also free for Chinese citizens between the ages of six and fifteen. After fifteen parents must pay for their children to carry on in scho

What is the education system like in Brazil?


What was education like in the 1950's?

  Information I learned from history class   Education in the 1950's expanded from previous decades. They no longer focused purely on reading, writing and arithmetic.

What is education in Iran like?

  Iran's education is about:   1 year pre-elementry school (all off the children of age 6 must start studying in that age)   5 years of elementry school.   3 year

What was education like in ancient Roman?

A child's primary educators were likely to be his or her own parents. Parents taught their children the skills necessary for living in the early Republic, namely agricultural,

What will education be like in 50 years?

50 years...Kids with a degree?! I think it will be much easier to get a degree since digital books are already available, online education has become a trend, and homeschoolin