What is YNC in the navy?

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In US Navy
A YNC is a Yeoman Chief Petty Officer. Yeoman is his job, and CPO, or Chief Petty Officer, is his pay grade/ skill level.
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How do you get in the Navy?

Visit your local Navy Recruiter. They can provide you the information to allow you to make an informed decision. If you wish to become an officer, the process requires a college education, but you may be able to obtain scholarships to cover the costs.

What do you do in the navy?

I hate to be vague, but you can just about do anything you want. Repair engines, teach classes, shoot really big guns, work with SEAL teams, BE on a SEAL team (good luck with that). The opportunities are limitless. Military police, aircraft pilot, the list goes on and on. The Navy is really the best (MORE)

What is a navy for?

The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equipcombat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterringaggression and maintaining freedom of the seas. Additionally, a navy must be prepared to engage opposing navies,either by direct cannon fire or by submarines.

What to do in the navy?

Navy is one of the five branches of the Military: First you enlist in the Navy. Then you are sworn into the Navy. (If you pass inspection) After that you are shipped off to Boot Camp. (Estimate: Eight Weeks After) If you make it though Boot Camp, You go to A School. Last but not leas (MORE)

Does Paraguay have a navy?

um.... excuse me, Paraguay DOES have a navy, I lived there my entire life and my Godfather is a seaman

Who founded the Navy?

The founder or Father of the United States Navy was in fact George Washington who created the Continental Navy with the 4 gun- brig* (I believe) Hannah this besides privateers was the beginning of the United States Navy

What does a machinist do in the navy?

The word machinist comes from MM " Machinst Mate" I know these guys and thwey work very hard and very long hours. they usually work 6 On 6 off and in a very hot enviroment. They ensure the ships are running smoothly. MM's are a combined rating of Machinist Mates and Boiler Techs (BT's) a convention (MORE)

When did the navy begin?

I assume that this question deals with the American navy.. Answer:. The Colonial/Continental Navy was formed in 1775. At the end of hostilities with the British (Treaty of Paris 03September1783), the navy was disbanded. It wasn't until 1797 that the United States Navy was formed to protect America (MORE)

Nicknames of navy?

A nickname for a person in the US Navy is squid. Sailors stationedto a ship are called fleeties by those stationed on shore. Thosestationed on shore are called sand crabs. The Navy Air Squadron isnicknamed Airedales.

What is an amphibious navy?

I would argue by definition a Navy is amphibious but it is not the main part of the Navy that is. One of the prime missions of the Marine Corps is Amphibious operations and since the Marine Corps is part of the Navy the Navy as a whole is amphibious.

Why did navy go to navy coveralls?

Directly from the US Navy uniform regulations: . "Worn when other uniforms would be unsafe or become unduly soiled.". Coveralls were created to be the primary underway uniform, or used when doing dirty work.

How do you get out of the navy?

One is typically discharged at the end of the enlistment. Discharges prior to that are not good for one's record and can be a real detriment to future employment and opportunities. The early outs are typically the result of criminal activities. The other possibility would be to be discharged for (MORE)

What is the pay grade for a YNC in the Navy?

C is the rank of the sailor, indicating that they are a Chief, an E-7. YN is the specialty of Yeoman. Normally a sailor at this level is responsible for a group of sailors working in an environment such as the ship's office or a personnel office..

What is a navy?

A navy is a part of the armed forces of a country. They are particularly concerned with the protection of waterways and ships of the country. The Navy may have an air and/or ground component. The Navy provides the ability to show the flag in other countries and to project power throughout the world. (MORE)

Who is navi?

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How do you get to into the navy?

There are a number of prerequisites before you can join, such as a written test, and various physical tests. To start though you should contact your local Navy Recruiting Office, or visit the Navy's website (link below). This website will give you a lot of information on the Navy, but I also r (MORE)

What are navies?

Branches of the governments military that specifically handle the operation of military personnel at sea.

When did the navy adopt the navy hymn?

The Marines Hymn was adapted from an operatic air!- the official USN song- Anchors Aweigh, came out in the teens or early twenties and was adapted immediately for Naval bands at the Academy, where it became the theme song. contrary to popular opinion the whaling ditty ( Blow the Man down) was not co (MORE)

Are the navy seals a navy branch?

The SEALs are a branch of the US Navy. They are a specialized component with a very specialized mission. The other parts of the Navy support their mission, usually through transport for insertion and extraction. They can also provide targeting information for Navy aircraft and ship based weapons.

How does the navy count your time in the navy?

The Navy, like any military branch, only counts time that you are actually on active duty; e.g., if you're in the Delayed Entry Program, the time you spend in DEP doesn't count toward your service time. Essentially it comes down to the time you're actually working as a Federal Employee, which is (MORE)

Why is the Navy called the Navy?

The term "Navy" is from the Latin word "Navis", meaning a ship, vessel, or boat. The definition of a "Navy" is a collection, or fleet, of ships, vessels, or boats.

Merchant Navy or Royal Navy?

That is an entirely personal choice. The Royal Navy is a military service and so you would have to be comfortable with that (discipline, being told what to do, possibly being required to go into danger). They operate globally with people working in a variety of roles, not all of which are at sea. (MORE)

What is a navy shellback?

Shellback is an ancient designation. It represents someone that has crossed the Equator while on a ship. The tradition is a source of pride to those that have achieved it. It is also made a part of the service member permanent file. I am a Shellback!.

What is Navy N8?

Resources and Requirements. It is the office that determines future needs and how to acquire them in the long term.

Navy reserves to active navy?

Ask your leadership about TAR/FTS programs. Without making it a long speech there are programs and your leadership should have information on both the above programs.

Does the navy have infantry?

Marines are typically linked to the Navy - often as a separate force within the bureau responsible for the maintenance of the Navy, but sometimes as an actual part of the Navy itself. The term 'Marines' isn't exclusive to that type of infantry - just as frequently around the world, they can be found (MORE)

What can women do in the navy?

Now days anything except be a Navy Seal. With Subs now open to Women I am hard pressed to think of anything a woman is not able to get into.

How do you get into the US Navy?

You contact your local recruiter, and they'll run you through the specifics. Simply talking to a recruiter does not obligate you to join the military.

What is an MM1 in the navy?

First Class Petty Officer, and a Machinist's Mate (a job rating). The MM stands for Machinist's Mate, and the "1" denotes that the person is a First-Class Petty Officer.

Can you have a mohawk in the Navy?

Absolutely not. In ANY branch of US service, hair cuts and lengths allowed are based on gender, and rank. The Higher your rank the more hair you can have.

What do you do if the navy is out to get you?

The Navy is not out to get any of us. The whole entire purpose pose of the Navy, Marine Corps, Airforce, Army, and Coast Guard, are to protect Our Father Land from those who were raised and taught to believe that we are there enemy.

Why is there no navy in Nepal?

really there are no seas next to nepal. what you gonna have lake warfare? LOL just answer my question all so how to do the banzai drop ok? Nepal is beast

What does gangway have to do with the navy?

Ships tie up to piers and wharfs. There needs to be a way to get from the ship to the shore. This is normally provided by a gangway, a platform/stair/ramp used for movement between the two. .

Is the navy for you?

The Navy has a Inspection Test when you go to enlist, if you do not pass, your done, you can't enter. From stuff like, if you can raise you hand all the way up cause its been injured in the past, or you can't walk properly cause the way you leg are designed, stuff like that.... So you Qu (MORE)

What do you have to do get in the navy?

The 2 links below will give you more details, but essentially you have to pass the ASVAB, have a clean record (nothing more than simple traffic fines or misdemeanors), be a U.S. Citizen, and pass the entrance physical. For most people, passing the entrance medical exam is the hardest, as there are a (MORE)

Is the navy important and why?

Yes, the Navy is considered the most powerful tool in the U.S. arsenal; the Navy can be anywhere in the world in 72 hours fully assembled, fully armed, and fully manned (including the Marine Corps). The U.S. Navy is also the most powerful in the world; it has the best technology, and is the biggest (MORE)

What age for navy?

The required age to join the US Navy is 18 or 17 with parental consent.

How do you draw Navi?

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What are Navy Seabees?

Seabees are members of the United States Navy construction battalions. The word Seabee is a proper noun that comes from the initials of Construction Battalion, (CB) of the United States Navy. The Seabees have a history of building bases, bulldozing and paving thousands of miles of roadway and airstr (MORE)

Does Ireland have a navy?

Ireland has a small naval service. See the link below. Ireland is an island and so it does have a small navy.

How do you get a nomination for the navy?

Nominations for appointments to the U.S. Naval Academy (or other service academies, except the Coast Guard) are given by U.S. Representatives and Senators; depending on where you live, the list is usually extremely competitive and short. Only the top achievers are selected from each State. You ca (MORE)

Where is navy bootcamp?

Time was it was in San Diego, Great Lakes (Michigan) and Orlando. Today, it's just Great Lakes and Orlando, with Orlando still the RTC for women recruits.

Can you get braces in the navy?

The military may cover it, they may not. Some places do not permit it. Whoever would have to check with their person in charge.

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What can you do to get into the navy?

Contact a Recruiter, the following applies to the US Navy only. Here are a few ways you could contact a recruiter to join, or justto talk to them to gain information to see if it would be somethingyou wanted to do. - Find a local office - Call 1-800-USA-NAVY - Visit the Navy's website navy.com or (MORE)