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What is Zombie Process and Orphan Process?

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Zombie : Child Process Exits before Parent process and Parent does not grab status of child process using wait() or waitpid() system call; Child process is in Zombie state.

Orphan : Child process whose parent has been killed and inherited by init process.
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What are processes?

Processes are programs that are currently running.     process are instances of the programs running on the computer . Answer-- In computing, a process is an instance o

What is a process?

A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achievea particular end.

What is processer?

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How can you find orphan process on Solaris?

If processes run on nodes that have derailed so to speak or the  tm.watched yk has been activated, the process is considered  orphaned. The watch deamons are set to kill the

What is a zombie process?

A zombie process is basically a process that stops  responding, to put it in simple terms.

What is a zombie process in Linux?

  A zombie process is one that should have closed, but is still active in the process table. This is usually caused when a parent process that spawned the process has not

C code for orphan process?

include #include main() { int id; printf("before fork()\\n"); id=fork(); if(id==0) { printf("child has started %d \\n",getpid()); printf("parent of this child %d \\n

Explain how child process become zombies?

Zombies do not start as Zombies. You are turned into a member of the Undead by a rare disease called "Solanum." Here are the stages, usually occurring over the course of 26 ho

How does a child process becomes a zombie process?

A zombie (or defunct) process is one that has ended but for whatever reason the process information has not been removed from the process table. No code or data segments are a
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What is process in IT?

A process is an instance of a program running in a computer.It is  loaded in the memory of the computer and can be executed in the  CPU.