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What is Zombie in Latin?

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There is not a word for Zombie in Latin.
But 'Living Dead' in Latin is Victus Mortuus.
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Will there be a zombie?

Highly Unlikey. Unless some science experiment goes wrong.

What does zombie powder do?

Zombie powder is a real poison that causes most body functions to shut down. Psychological symptoms are similar to a stroke or concussion: incapable of thinking clearly, easil

Where did zombies get the name 'zombie'?

The origin of the concept of zombiism stems from Haitian Voodoo culture. The word zombie--in Haitian it is "zombi"--means "spirit of the dead."

How did zombies form?

During the 1800s a virus entered beautiful earth. If the living infected by the virus died they would form into zombies.

What is a zombie?

A zombie is known as a undead creature, something that was dead but came back to life, in some movies, literature, or games, the zombies are in existence because of some virus

How do you get mutation zombies in zombie farm?

The plants around the zombie (the 3x3 grid centered on your zombie) need to be fully developed and ready to harvest. Do not click on the plants until you have harvested your z

Do zombies grow?

No. Zombies are simply reanimated, they are not alive. Therefor  they do not have the ability to grow.   Well now you can grow a real Zombie Plant that "Plays DEAD" when

What is Latin?

Latin is a dead language, originally from Italy. It is the ancestor of so called Latin languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish. It had a major influence on English too.

Why are zombies called zombies?

because they want to be is an idiotic answer. Due to Africa mythology there called zombi. Voodoo queens and witch doctors stole souls of living and the dead to work for them a

Have in Latin?

habeo - i have habemus - we have habes - you have habetis - you (all) have habet - he has habent - they have

Do zombies blink?

Zombies are basically moving and rotting corpses of humans. In most movies, stories and video games, zombies control little of their body other than the arms, legs, and mouth.