What is a 18k gold plated and 8 genuine diamond on bezel Xavier watch worth?

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Just won a consolation prize with PCH and they sent a check for $400 and a brochure. According to the brochure a set of men's and ladies Xavier watches are worth $449.95. It has 8 genuine diamonds, 18K gold plated, mother-of-pearl dial, quartz movement and water resistant to 100 feet. That's two watches for $49.95 plus shipping if you use the $400 check. I'm researching now to see how much I would pay without the check.
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What is a gold plated half dollar worth?

The gold plating only adds a few cents worth of metal value to the coin, as well as making it an altered coin by numismatic standards. As such, it's only worth its intrinsic metal value, depending on its date: 1971 and later - face value only (50c) 1965-1970 - About $3 for the underlying silver (MORE)

How much is one gram of 18K gold worth?

First of all: Precious metals such as gold and silver are measured by the troy ounce . Commodities such as sugar, grains, and other typical grocery items are measured by the avoirdupois ounce . One avoirdupois ounce = 437.5 grains, or 28.35 grams. One troy ounce = 480 grains, or 31.10 g (MORE)

What is a genuine diamond?

A genuine diamond is a natural stone that has been mined, graded, cut and polished, which results in its becoming a gemstone.

Is a rhodium plate watch worth anything?

Rhodium is one of the most precious metals in the world, recently selling at approximately 10 thousand dollars per ounce. Although prices fluctuate, a rule of thumb is that rhodium tends to be 10x as expensive as gold. But the rhodium is probably very thin. If the watch is rather old, the rhodium is (MORE)

How much is half an ounce of 18k gold worth?

depends what the "current" price of gold is as it changes each day. Gold is measured in ounces and 24k so for simple math, here is what your 18 half oz gold would be worth if gold was trading at $1,000. 18k is 3/4 of 24k so a half oz of 24k would be worth $500 but since yours is only 18k it would be (MORE)

How does a rotating bezel watch work?

A rotating bezel is a feature that is found in a diver's watch. Itworks by measuring the elapsed time and indicating how much time isleft before a diver runs out of oxygen.

How much is 35.8g of 18k gold worth?

If gold were $930 a troy ounce when you settled the transaction you could reasonabally expect to receive 561.70 from most dealers. As to what it is woth I would say roughly 802 or so based upon a 930 gold price. At 18k you have 75% gold. An ounce is 31.103 grams. However it is my experience that eve (MORE)

How much is an 18k gold jfk half dollar coin worth?

The gold plating on the outside is worth a few cents but would cost far more than that to remove. If it's dated 1964 the underlying silver coin is worth about $5 as of 07/2009. Dated 1965-69, about $2.25. 1971 or later, 50 cents only.

How much is 8 grams of 18k gold worth?

As of 10:54 EST, 15 October 2011, the price of gold was $54.02 per gram. At 8 grams, the value of pure gold would be $432.16. Eighteen karat gold is 75% pure, so the value would be 75% of $432.16 -- around $324.12. The 25% metal alloyed with the gold is of little consequence.

Is gold plated jewelry worth anything?

It depends on the volume of the gold that is plated on the jewelry, but when an item is electro plated, the plating material is usually very thin - less than 0.01mm - so there is hardly any volume of gold. So even though gold is expensive, a gold-plated item is worth just a few pence (cents) more th (MORE)

What is 8 carat gold worth?

As of August 4, 2014 one gram of 8 karat gold is worth 13.80. Theprices and value for gold change often and are dictated by theeconomy and demand.

What are genuine diamonds?

Genuine (natural) diamonds are formed deep within the earth'smantle, erupted to the surface through volcanic pipes and mined orgathered. Genuine (man-made) diamonds are formed in laboratories that attemptto mimic the conditions deep within the earth -- extreme highpressure and ultra high temperature (MORE)

How much is 16 ounces of 18K gold worth?

Gold today is $1122 per ounce 18k is 75% pure gold so answer = (16x1122)*0.75 =$13,467.60 In future you can go to www.in-gold-we-trust.info and use our free calculator - it will give up to date valuations on all types of gold.

How much is your 18k gold 300 gram chain worth?

If the chain is 18K gold, the price per troy ounce on December 18,2013 was 926.78 USD. A gram is 0.032 troy ounce, so the necklace is9.6 troy ounces. The value of the necklace is 8897 USD, but thevalue will vary depending on the value of the gold if the costchanges.

Is gold plated worth anything?

No - it just looks nice. When an item is electro plated, the plating material is very thin - less than 0.01mm - so there is hardly any volume of gold. So even though gold is expensive, a gold-plated item is worth just a few pence (cents) more than the item would be without the gold. This is ok f (MORE)

How much is twenty six gram s of 18K gold worth?

Well. in the world industry market the price of twenty six grams of18k gold metal worth depends who sells it;the only 24k gold metalworld market and the assays monopoly company's it;s the only pricecontrol;but don't have control price on the quality from 22k thru10k;there only can test the quality o (MORE)

How much are gold plated quarters worth?

It is worth around $3.00 mint in a collectors case. if it was circulated its worth around $1.00 there is entire sets of these floating around and are still being made. The quarter is accented in precious 24K gold! Adding a touch of class, the gold truly enhances the design's details. Check out this (MORE)

How much is 22 grams of 18k rose gold worth?

18k means that it is made from an alloy of 75% gold and 25% copper. You can ignore the copper. Currently an ounce of gold is worth about 1309$. An ounce has about 31 grams so lets do some calculating. You have 22 grams of 18k gold. That means you have actually 22*0.75 grams. That's 16,5 grams. (MORE)

How much is 25grams of 18k gold worth?

Today, the average price of pure gold per gram is 45 dollars. 18 karat gold is 75% pure gold so consider it about 34 dollars per gram. You should be able to get $600-$750 for it. Or simply use link calculator below.

How much is 1garm of 18k gold worth?

As of November 12 2010, the gold price was 43.87 US per gram. Take the gold percentage (18 carat is 75%) and take the 43.87 dollars, and put them together.. 75% of 43.87 is ... 32.9025 USD And as of today, use the link below...

How much is a gold plated quarter worth?

25 cents if the quarter was made in 1965 or later. Gold plating really adds nothing to the value of a coin and is considered to be damage to a collector. While interesting, the amount of gold used in gold plating is too small to be stripped off and sold and make a profit. However, if the quarter is (MORE)

Gold plated silver dollar what is it worth?

if it is a Ike or Eisenhower it is a gimmick i bought the same thing it is only Worth face value and 10-15 cents worth of gold. a company would collect these coins and gold plate them and sold to non coin collectors and told them it was worth something. you actually have a damaged coin. but don't ge (MORE)

Is a genuine clean diamond worth as much as a genuine diamond?

I think you are asking if a natural clean diamond is worth as much as a natural diamond that is Not considered clean? The answer is no. A clean diamond means that it is clear from imperfections. Now this can mean clear to the naked eye, or clear under a microscope. Of course the diamond that is c (MORE)

How much gold in a 18k gold pocket watch?

about 18 karats. just joking. it depends on the weight of the case. 18k gold is 750 parts gold, and 250 parts other metals. if the case weighed 40 grams, thats 30 grams of pure gold. in most cases, a good solid gold pocket watch is worth more as an antique than scrap gold.

Where can you sell your 22K plated gold watch?

You can sell your watch on EBay, a pawn shop, or at a jeweler. I doubt you will get much for a plated watch even though it is 22K gold plate. The fact it is plated lowers the value of your watch. The condition of the watch, if you still have the papers that came the watch, and if it works all will a (MORE)

Worth of a 22 k gold plated?

The worth of 22k gold plated metal varies greatly based on the actual thickness of the plating. Very thing layers of gold plating are only worth a few dollars but thicker layers may be worth hundreds of dollars.

Is the genuine diamond worth as much as diamond?

Your question is based in semantics, the key word being 'genuine'. A genuine diamond means an authentic diamond. Even mankind can manufacture an authentic diamond, given the carbon materials, heat, pressure and time. Gem quality diamonds are evaluated according to the carat weight, colour, cl (MORE)

What is an 18K gold vintage man's Olma wrist watch worth?

if in very good condition and a standard movement , its likely a $300-$500 USD piece. if its a chronograph or chronometer they are quite a bit more in the $900 - $1500 range depending on model. If watch is running but rough condition its a toss up if the scrap value of the gold is worth more then (MORE)

How much is 18k hge gold worth?

The price of gold fluctuates daily. The higher the number of carats (K) the more it is worth, the maximum being 24 carats, which is pure gold. Do you worth ofmoving apiece is also

How much is gold plated cutlery worth?

While more information would need to be provided for an accurate appraisal, generally gold plating of almost anything adds little value. The plating process uses so little actual gold that to make that the basis of the description is that it has no value specific to the gold plating itself. That sai (MORE)

What is a 1989 gold plated dime from or worth?

The dime itself was minted in either Philadelphia or Denver, and has an original value of 10 cents. The gold-plating was done by a private company somewhere to make it into a souvenir. It doesn't add any value to it for coin collectors, but as a novelty it could be worth a dollar or so.

What is gold plated jewelry worth?

Gold Plating means a layer (outer) of Gold has been deposited on the object.The object can be steel,Copper,Iron,Aluminium etc; and also silver. There are many jewelry Designers.including a few big names,that design many varieties of GP. jewelry. The Gold weight is extremely less.All though they may (MORE)