What is a 1948 penny with the number 26 stamped inside a triangle worth?

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Someone used a metal punch to alter a normal 1948 cent. That means it has no collector value, and is only worth a cent.

Is a 1948 silver penny worth anything?

oh, yes. it should be worth a bit, if not a lot . i'm no antique specialist *, but a silver penny is not something you see everyday, so, yea, it should be worth something. .

How much is a 1948 Canadian penny worth?

a 1948 penny is worth about 5 cents if it is in bad condition, but if it is ok condition it is probley worth about 10 or 15 cents and if it is uncirculated it's worth 50 cents

What is a 1948 penny worth?

Well, I don't know about mine, but yours is worth about 5 or 6 cents. Note also that the word is penny rather than "pennie"

What is a 1941 wheat penny worth with the number twenty-six stamped on both sides?

1¢ It wasn't struck that way at the mint. Someone used a metal punch to add those numbers later. That makes it a damaged coin and it has lost any collector value. In

What is a 1898 penny stamp worth?

This will require more research. There were many stamps issued worth a penny in the 1890's. Many different countries issued them as well. Consult a stamp catalog, check you

What is a 1948 penny with a D under it worth?

July 3, 2009. A 1948-D cent is fairly common and can be bought for about 3 or 4 cents in circulated condition and in brillant uncirculated condition it can be bought for $3-$

How much is a 1948 penny farthing worth?

Question doesn't make sense. A penny farthing is an old kind of bicycle with a big front wheeland a small rear wheel. By 1947 they were too old to be useful butnot old enough