What is a 240 volt 3 phase 3 wire grounded b phase system?

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A 240 volt 3 phase 3 wire grounded B phase system is also called a quadraplex configuration. You actually have four conductors, not counting the protective earth ground, which makes five wires. Three conductors are the individual phase hots, A, B, and C. You can use them delta only, and you will have 240 volt three phase. The fourth conductor is neutral, and is connected to the center tap of one of the transformers, and also grounded at the distribution point. You then have 120/240 volt split phase with that neutral and the two hots surrounding it, which is the normal residential configuration for the US. You cannot connect a three phase load in wye configuration, because the neutral is not in the center of the power triangle. If you want a wye configuration, you will need three more transformers, with the primaries delta and the secondaries wye.
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Why is 1 phase 240 volts and 3 phase 415 volts?

In a three-phase, star- (or wye-) connected, system the linevoltage (line-to-line voltage) is 1.732 (or the square-root of 3)times the phase voltage (line-to-neutral voltage).

How can I convert standard American 240 volts 3 phase to 1 phase 2 wires 1 hot and 1 neutral?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . It doesn't need to be converted. The 240 Volt single-phase electricity is there already to oper

How do you fuse dry type transformers for an open delta system used to transform 480 Volt 3 phase to 120-240 Volt 3 phase 4 wire?

one transformer is sized for 57.7% of the three phase load, the other carries 57.7 % of the three phase load plus all of the single phase load. find out the kva of your load

What benefit is there for going from a 240 volt 3 phase system to a 480 volt 3 phase system?

your equipment will not run as hot (motors & drives will stay cool) . the higher the voltage the less the amps . so when running circuits to equipment you will be able to ru

How do you get 240 3 phase volts from 480 3 phase volts?

480 volts 3 phase is not a household service in any country and cannot be dealt-with as a DIY project. As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice

What happens when using a 240 volt fuses on a 480 volt 3-phase system?

The voltage rating of a fuse has to do with how long the fuse is / how much dielectric strength exists between the two terminals that don't melt. If you use a fuse that is rat

How do you get 240 volt 3 phase?

240 volt three phase comes from primary distribution main line, usually 13.2 KV three phase, but different for different regions and countries, stepped down with transformers.

What size wire and breaker for 125hp 240 volts 3 phase motor?

The wire size and the circuit breaker for a 125 hp motor must consider the length of lead wire to the motor (essentially the distance of the motor from the supply). 125 hp

What size wire and breaker for a 25 hp 240 volt 3 phase motor?

Wire sizing is based on the amperage needed by the load. The equation used to find amperage when the HP is shown is; A = HP x 746/1.73 x V x %eff x pf. Amps = 25 x 746 = 18650

What size wire and breaker for a 100 hp 240 volt 3 phase?

Wire size and breaker size is based on the amperage drawn by the motor. Always use the motor's nameplate amperage before using the equation. The equation for amperage when t

What voltage would be produced if two different 240 volt transformers were wired on two separate primary phases of a 3-phase system and had their their secondaries wired in series?

In U. S. household wiring the two primary phases of 110 to 120volts rms are 180° out of phase with each other which is why thevoltage measured from line 1 to line 2 is doub