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4 2 volleyball is when there are 4 hitters (2 outside and 2 middle hitters) and 2 setters playing on the court . The setter is in the front row, and then the extra setter is in the back row.
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What are 4 officials in the game of volleyball?

Well they all have different responsiblities. The first referee is the official that stands on the referee stand, which is a raised platform positioned on the side of the cour

What do you have to do to be in volleyball?

well if you can bump set spike/hit call understand and serve then  you should be set to go. make sure that your doing it right so you  don't violate any of these rules.

What is volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport played on a 30x30 gym, outside or a beach court with 6 players in a gym and 2 players on a beach. Invented by William G Morgan. Volleyball is played with

What is the difference between a 6-1 and a 5-2 in volleyball?

  First of all, it's a 6-2 and a 5-1. There is no such thing as a 6-1 and a 5-2. A 6-2 is where you have 6 hitters and 2 setters. The setter sets out of the back row so

What does 4-2 mean in volleyball?

It is a volleyball formation/rotation that includes 2 different setters (whichever one is in the back row sets).

What is a volleyball?

A volleyball is a round spherical object that is filled with air to give is bouncablity and make it able to pass easily. Usually comes in a variety of sizes and colours.  

What is the difference between 4-1 5-1 and 6-2 in volleyball?

they are all different plays, but here is the difference:  a 4-1 means there is one setter and four hitters  a 5-1 means there is one setter and five hitters - this one is t

What does a volleyball do?

Volleyball is a ball that takes ver hard hits. This is a tough question. They do bounce and take very hard hittings.

What is a 3 2 1 in volleyball?

  A 3-2-1 is sometimes reffered to as 1-2-3. At least, in our school that is how it works. A 1-2-3 is a Pass (bump), set, spike (kill). Three hits that when used together
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How do you make a 12 team volleyball bracket in 2 pools?

Well you would just divide the number of teams by the number of pools, so that would mean six teams in each pool. However, that seems very weird to me. Usually they split twel
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What does 6-2 mean in volleyball?

In the few seconds between when the ball is given to the other team and when it is served over the net, our team makes the choice to try and give us the strongest defense agai